TSDSI GC member selected as 3GPP WG Chair


TSDSI is proud to announce that Mr. Suresh Chitturi, TSDSI Governing Council member, Director for Standards at the Samsung Research Institute in Bangalore, has recently been elected as new Chairman of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Service and System Aspect 6 (SA6) Working Group. Suresh also chairs the TSDSI Roadmap Committee at TSDSI.

The 3GPP is a collaborative project aimed at developing global standards for acceptable specifications of telecommunications networks. The project is comprised of three Technical Specification Groups (TSGs), under which 16 Working Groups oversee specifications for each sector.

The SA6 working group is responsible for the development of application layer standards. Since its inception in 2014, SA6 has played a significant role in the development of Mission Critical Applications Standards across Long-Term Evolution (LTE), a global standard widely adopted by public safety agencies and other critical communication industry verticals. The Standards enable the use of push-to-talk voice, video and data communications for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) operations over broadband networks. TSDSI activities in these areas fall under the Services and Solutions Study Group.

Suresh will lead the SA6 Working Group for the next two years. On behalf of TSDSI members, we congratulate Suresh and offer support to him in discharging his new responsibilities.

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