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An organisation can apply for TSDSI membership as a corporate or associate member, as per eligibility criteria mentioned below. Applications are approved by the Governing Council.

Please click the below link to fill the membership application form online:

You can also download the membership form (link) and submit by email to

Please find the information regarding ICT Verticals/Entity here.

Membership Type Description Privileges
CORPORATE MEMBER Entities registered in India and engaged in
telecom related activities e.g.: Telecom
Equipment Manufacturers, Mobile Phone/CPE
Manufacturers, Service Providers, R&D,
Academic Institutions, Value Added Service
Providers/ Software Developers, Govt.,
Societies of Govt., PSUs, Regulatory Bodies etc.
Contribute to Technical Activities Participate in Decision making and voting
Hold office bearer positions
ASSOCIATE MEMBER Industry Associations, Foreign Entities, Foreign Industry Associations. Contribute to Technical Activities
GUEST MEMBER/OBSERVER Professional experts, researchers in their individual capacity as observers. Companies wishing to explore before becoming full members are granted Guest Membership for six months. Participate in Technical Activities and contribute on invitation

Admission & Membership fees applicable for FY 2022-23 & 2023-24:

There is a one time admission fee and an annual Memebrship fees(Valid for April through March ), Currently prevailling fee structure is provided in the table below

Membership Fee Category  Fee Category  Admission Fee (INR) Annual Subscription Fee (INR) 
Corporate 1
I) INR 10 Crore > Annual Turnover <=   INR 100 Crore 1A 2,00,000           2,80,000
II) INR 100 Crore > Annual Turnover <= INR 1000 Crore 1B 2,00,000           4,50,000
III) Annual Turnover > Rs. 1000 Crore 1C 2,00,000           9,25,000
IV) R&D organizations, Test labs 1D 2,00,000           2,80,000
V) Annual Turnover <= INR 10 Crore 1E 1,00,000           1,40,000
VI) Academic Institutions, Not-for- Profit R&D organizations Govt, Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) 2 1,00,000           1,40,000
Associate (Indian Entities) 3 1,00,000           1,40,000
Associate (Foreign Entities) 4 USD 1600           USD 2800


* 18% GST is applicable on all the membership categories.