How To Apply

In order to get your Company/ Institute/ Organization / Association admitted as a member of TSDSI, please send your mail request to You will be sent a membership application form by the TSDSI secretariat. The enrollment process will begin on receipt of the completed membership application form.

Membership is of four categories, as listed in the table below. The applicable one time Admission fee and Annual Subscription fee is also given against each membership category.

Admission and Membership Fees applicable for Financial Year 2020-21:

Membership Fee Category Fee 


Admission Fee  (INR) Annual Subscription Fee (INR)
Corporate 1
I) INR 10 Crore > Annual Turnover <=   INR 100 Crore 1A 2,00,000 2,67,500
II) INR 100 Crore > Annual Turnover <= INR 1000 Crore 1B 2,00,000 4,28,000
III) Annual Turnover > Rs. 1000 Crore 1C 2,00,000 8,82,750
IV) R&D organizations 1D 2,00,000 2,67,500
V) Annual Turnover <= INR 10 Crore 1E 1,00,000 1,33,750
VI) Academic Institutions, Not-for- Profit R&D organizations Government Department/ Statutory or Autonomous bodies/organisations set up by the Government or Statutory or autonomous bodies  2 1,00,000 1,33,750
Associate (Indian Entities) 3 1,00,000 1,33,750
Associate (Foreign Entities) 4 USD 1,600 USD 2,675

* 18% GST is applicable on all the membership categories.