Study Group (SG)-Services&Solutions

SG-Services&Solutions is responsible for standardization activities for the following:

  1. Definition of requirements for telecom industry and related services and applications, including:
    • Service level requirements and features for various domains and applications (e.g. IoT/M2M, Automotive, Public safety, Health).
  2. Development of end-to-end service capabilities and architecture, based on the requirements, including:
    • Technical specifications for application layer functional elements and interfaces.
    • System aspects such as QoS, interoperability, etc.
    • Data management aspects such as schemas, analytics, provisioning, etc.
    • Localization components in services and systems e.g. Indian languages.
  3. Security and Privacy aspects in the end to end telecom networks. It includes
    • Determining the security and privacy requirements for telecom networks including the mobile cellular and fixed-line networks across user equipments, access network, transport network, core network and service layer security aspects.
    • Specifying the related security architectures and protocols.
  4. Energy performance for telecommunication networks including access, user equipment, aggregation, core including the underlying transport systems, including:
    • Setting the energy performance related requirements across the end to end network
    • Benchmarking network energy performance
    • Energy optimization for networks
    • Energy performance testing
  5. Recommendations of test requirements and evaluation methodologies for any service level conformance testing activities.

SG-Services&Solutions is also responsible for liaison for regulatory aspects between TSDSI and external govt. agencies on the above topics as required, in coordination with TSDSI secretariat

SG-Services&Solutions works closely with SG-Networks for those aspects that are related to security in access network, core networks or wireless/wireline based backhaul networks.

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