The Secretariat manages day-to-day activities and support functions of TSDSI. Secretariat or the office of the Director General also acts as an interface between Governing Council and the Study Groups.

Name: E-Mail Designation
Ms. Pamela Kumar dg[at]tsdsi[dot]in Director General
Mr. Vijay Madan vijay.madan[at]tsdsi[dot]in Advisor and Mentor-Services and Solutions
Mr. A.K Mittal akmittal[at]tsdsi[dot]in Advisor – Networks,Systems and Technologies
Prof. Uday Desai uday[at]tsdsi[dot]in Strategy Consultant
Mr. Udayan Banerjee udayan[at]tsdsi[dot]in Consultant- IT
Mr. Anurag Vibhuti anurag[at]tsdsi[dot]in Executive Director, Operations
Mr. Amit Gupta amit.gupta[at]tsdsi[dot]in Start-up Strategy Consultant
Ms. Bindoo Srivastava bindoo[at]tsdsi[dot]in General Manager, Programs and Operations
Mr. Harsh Kumar harsh[at]tsdsi[dot]in Asst. Manager, Administration and Finance
Ms. Jayeeta Saha jayeeta[at]tsdsi[dot]in Manager, Standards
Mr Sarat Sahoo sarat[at]tsdsi[dot]in Manager, MARCOM
Ms. Shefali Sinha shefali[at]tsdsi[dot]in MARCOM Consultant
Ms. Vanshika Verma vanshika[at]tsdsi[dot]in IT Engineer
Mr. Akash Malik akash[at]tsdsi[dot]in Program Executive Intern – SGSS
Mr. Asif Iqbal asif[at]tsdsi[dot]in Engineer – IT Admin
Ms Niwedita Pathak niwedita[at]tsdsi[dot]in Program Executive Intern – SGSS
Ms Akansha Arora akansha[at]tsdsi[dot]in Program Executive – SGN


Name Email Purpose
Secretariat TSDSI secretariat[at]tsdsi[dot]in Members/Non Members can communicate with TSDSI Secretariat regarding any matter through this email account.
TSDSI Membership membership[at]tsdsi[dot]in This email address enables exchange of communications with regard to the issues relating to membership of TSDSI. For more information, Please visit
Technical Activities Support tech_support[at]tsdsi[dot]in Primary Purpose of this email account is to facilitate members and leadership of Study Groups to communicate issues regarding technical activities where they require support of TSDSI Secretariat.
Outreach TSDSI outreach[at]tsdsi[dot]in This email account is being managed by outreach segment for the dissemination of information regarding outreach activities, open workshops, partner events etc. In case of any queries/suggestions regarding Standards Development Activities, please  reach out to this email account.