The Secretariat manages day-to-day activities and support functions of TSDSI. Secretariat or the office of the Director General also acts as an interface between Governing Council and the Study Groups.


Name: E-Mail Designation
Ms. Pamela Kumar dg[at]tsdsi[dot]in Director General
Mr. Vijay Madan vijay.madan[at]tsdsi[dot]in Advisor and Mentor-Services and Solutions
Mr. A.K Mittal akmittal[at]tsdsi[dot]in Advisor – Networks,Systems and Technologies
Mr. Udayan Banerjee udayan[at]tsdsi[dot]in Consultant- IT
Mr. Anurag Vibhuti anurag[at]tsdsi[dot]in Executive Director, Operations
Ms. Bindoo Srivastava bindoo[at]tsdsi[dot]in General Manager, Programs and Operations
Ms. Jayeeta Saha jayeeta[at]tsdsi[dot]in Manager, Standards
Mr. Harsh Kumar harsh[at]tsdsi[dot]in Asst. Manager, Administration and Finance
Mr. Rohit Rawat rohit[at]tsdsi[dot]in Intern – Services and Solutions
Ms. Vanshika Verma vanshika[at]tsdsi[dot]in IT Engineer