White paper on Status of Telecom Startup Ecosystem in India

Core ICT services leveraging Telecom, Computing and Data Centers, enable delivery of applications for key verticals like, Economic (Banking, Retail Transportation,  ..), Societal (Healthcare, Education, ..) and Security (Defense, Cyber, Space, ..).   That makes core ICT technology extremely important for the nation.

Currently, 90% of India’s Telecom equipment demand is met through imports. Telecom startups in India can play a major role here. While the overall startup ecosystem in India is growing at 12-15% year-on-year, Deep-Tech startups with longer gestation cycles are less than 5%.

TSDSI commissioned a whitepaper to study the existing challenges, analyzing areas requiring support from the government & industry bodies and also studying best practices from some of the successful nations.

Presenting the white paper on “Status of Telecom Startup Ecosystem in India” here. It has two parts, an Executive Summary and the Main White Paper. Please do provide your feedback at  secretariat@tsdsi.in.