Study Group (SG)-Networks

SG-Networks is responsible for standardization activities for the following:

  1. Wireless communication systems including Radio-based access and Mobile core networks, the functional elements constituting these networks and the interfaces between these networks.
  2. Overall system architecture as well as the protocol interface between various user equipment or customer premises equipment and the elements in the access network e.g. base stations, relay stations, etc.
  3. Software defined networking (SDN) aspects and Network function virtualization (NFV) of the access and core networks.
  4. Backhaul using wireless & wireline, microwave, optical and/or packet based transport networks and related SDN & NFV aspects, systems, equipments, optical fiber cables, along with the related control plane, network management, performance monitoring & reporting, synchronization, interfaces, multi-layer optimization techniques and testing aspects.
  5. Spectrum studies related to the above areas, and technical recommendations.
  6. Interference studies including co-channel, adjacent channel, and inter-system interference.

SG-Networks is also responsible for liaison for regulatory aspects between TSDSI and external govt. agencies on the above topics as required, in coordination with TSDSI secretariat

 SG-Networks works closely with SG-Services&Solutions for service-level requirements

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