TSDSI Standard on IMT Advanced adopted as National standard by Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC), DoT on 8 September 2020


TSDSI transposed updated radio interface specifications of 3GPP (comprising 402 specifications) for IMT-Advanced also popularly called 4G as TSDSI standard, which are also part of ITU-R Recommendations M.2012-4

As an Organizational Partner of the 3GPP, TSDSI is a co-owner of 3GPP specifications. TSDSI members have contributed during the developments of these standards at 3GPP. TSDSI, formed in 2014 and recognised by DoT as India’s Telecom SDO, joined 3GPP as an Organizational Partner in early 2015.

Recently, TEC has defined the process for adoption of TSDSI Standards as national standards. TSDSI standard on IMT Advanced technology, was taken up for adoption by TEC following the process which includes an open public consultation. This process has been completed and finally the standard has been adopted on 8 September 2020.

This is a milestone achievement for India, that will further encourage domestic standards development activities with participation by local techpreneurs. Moreover, the Standard Essential Patents incorporated in TSDSI standards will be available on FRAND terms, as per the IPR policy of TSDSI and will be subject to the Indian Legal jurisdiction.

Other Standards developed by TSDSI have also been taken up by TEC for adoption.

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