TSDSI signs MoUs with 5G Brasil and MTSFB


3rd June 2022

TSDSI signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with 5G Brasil and Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Bhd (“MTSFB”) on 17th May 2022, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

The MoUs strengthen TSDSI’s objectives of establishing a formal mechanism to collaborate with regional bodies from other countries to mutually align standards development efforts and support each other’s requirements in Global Standards deliberations.

5G Brasil and MTSFB, like TSDSI, play a key role in strategically leveraging digital technologies for the growth of our respective countries – by way of defining requirements and seeking globally competitive solutions for the same.

Earlier, 5G Brasil and MTSFB have been invited regularly to TSDSI Conferences and our experts have participated in conferences hosted by or participated in by MTSFB and 5G Brasil.

Subsequent to the signing of the MoUs, the parties intend to mobilise a series of collaborative activities and projects amongst the experts from Government, Industry and Academia in new and emerging technologies for various domains such as Communications, Multimedia and Rural & Remote Connectivity.

About 5G Brasil:

5G Brasil is a Private autonomous project under Telebrasil umbrella with 65 institutions members whose main objective is to represent the interests of the telecommunications sector in Brazil and to promote its development. The main goal of 5G Brasil is to promote the development of 5G ecosystem in Brazil through: enabling and establishing the communication between the ICT sector and all spheres of government and regulatory agency in Brazil; looking for financial support for the promotion and use of 5G technology; promoting national and international cooperation agreements for 5G technology development and adoption; establishing and maintaining open interaction with non-ICT organizations, also called vertical sectors; sharing information regarding 5G technology among Members and Associates in line with compliance and legal limits; representing the common interest of the members, when requested, in national and international forums related to 5G.


About MTSFB:

MTSFB is a forum designated by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) under the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (Act 588). MTSFB is a membership-based organisation with representations from the players of the communications and multimedia industry, mainly entrusted with the development of technical codes for the industry as part of self-regulation to facilitate the development and growth of the communications and multimedia industry. 


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