TSDSI releases report on “Cloud Interoperability and Portability (CIP)- Standards” jointly with CCICI


Cloud services are becoming very important for companies and Govt agencies today. With the emergence of multiple cloud architectures and services, cloud computing interoperability and portability has become crucial. There is a growing need to support multi cloud scenarios. Interoperability is becoming imperative to support data exchange and load sharing:

  • across different Govt departments, departments within large companies,
  • across companies is critical applications, and
  • for “Smart City” type usage scenarios where multiple parties and/or Govt departments need to collaborate.

Appropriate interoperability specification is an essential step to support any smart city initiatives and for other similar scenarios where companies have to share data across heterogeneous cloud environments.

Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI) was mandated by Department of Telecommunications (DoT) based on Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recommendations to develop Cloud Service Interoperability Standards for India.

TSDSI joined hands with Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India (CCICI) for this activity. Experts from both forums were engaged in defining an interoperability standard in a phased approach addressing the Use Cases in the India commercial / Govt usage context and also by referring to the already globally available standards.

Phase I of the Study was completed in Sept 2020. Based on this, the first release of the report “India Cloud Interoperability Specification” was published and also handed over to DOT. This report covers Cloud Interoperability – Standards Reference Architecture as well as analysis of the requirements of hybrid cloud, smart city, telecom and cloud analytics use case scenarios. These requirements have been mapped to existing cloud standards and the gaps in the existing standards to address the Indian scenarios have also been identified.

Phase II of the study has been initiated to provide the normative reference standards on cloud services interoperability as well as secure & easy portability. The document will also address EDGE cloud and Cloud for Open RAN scenarios for the emerging 5G technology.

The report is available on TSDSI website at link https://bit.ly/2HIaHa4.

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