The 23rd meeting of Global Standards Collaboration for a more sustainable, safer world


TSDSI is a member of the Global Standards Collaboration (GSC), a grouping of the world’s leading information and communication technologies (ICT) standards bodies, that meets once every 18-24 months to exchange notes on their standardization activities and deliberate on select mutually agreed topics.

The 23rd meeting of the GSC was hosted by ETSI in London on 26-27 April 2023.  Its theme was “Towards a more sustainable, safer world”. TSDSI delegation comprising Mr Suresh Chitturi, Vice Chair (Samsung), Dr Kaushik Saha (IIT Delhi), Mr N Mohanram, Director General and Ms Pamela Kumar, Advisor joined the meeting and contributed to the discussions.

The first session discussed operational aspects covering Value of Global Standards in the environment of global geopolitical fragmentation and Digital Transformation. All participants supported the relevance of global technical standards and stressed the importance of raising awareness and appreciation for them, especially among governmental and societal stakeholders. The session also addressed standards bodies’ operational aspects including digital transformation and the benefits of making and providing ICT standards digitally, improving the use of digital tools for virtual meetings, as well as their contribution to the sustainability of the standards-making process.

The second session, on ICT Standards Enabling Global Sustainability Goals, showed that global standards are key for the convergence of ICT and vertical industries, enabling the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It highlighted the achievements and challenges of ICT standards enabling SDGs, and how the participating SDOs closely cooperate to converge ICT and vertical industries.

The last session covered how ICT standards can support the metaverse and extended reality to improve human experience and industrial applications.

The participating organizations underlined the importance of global collaboration across the entire standardisation lifecycle to develop the best and most secure standards for all, noting that ICT standards impact nearly eight billion people around the world. They agreed on the value of addressing current and emerging challenges effectively as a global community, whenever possible.

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About GSC

Formed in 1990, the aim of GSC is to enhance global cooperation and collaboration regarding communications standards and the related standards development environment for today’s converged ICT ecosystem. GSC meetings provide a platform to strengthen collaboration on high-priority standards efforts of mutual interest to GSC participants, with the intention of identifying and capitalizing on synergies.

The GSC includes the following standards bodies:

  • ARIB – Association of Radio Industries and Business – Japan
  • ATIS – Alliance for Telecommunications Industry – USA
  • CCSA – China Communications Standards Association – China
  • ETSI – European Telecommunications Standards Institute – Europe
  • IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission
  • IEEE-SA – IEEE Standards Association
  • ISO – International Organization for Standardization
  • ITU – International Telecommunication Union
  • TIA – Telecommunications Industry Association – USA
  • TSDSI – Telecommunications Standards Development Society – India
  • TTA – Telecommunication Technology Association – Korea
  • TTC – Telecommunication Technology Committee – Japan

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