Standardization Activities


The Technical activities of TSDSI have been re-organised. Two new Study groups, namely, Study Group-Networks and Study Group-Services & Solutions have been created. The activities of the erstwhile Wireless and Optical Access & Transport Study Groups have been transferred to the Study Group-Networks. Study Group-Services and Solutions has taken over activities of the older Services, Energy Efficiency and Security Study Groups. Technical Leaders for the new Study groups were elected on 17th August, 2017. The new Leaders are:

Study Group Chair Vice Chair
Networks Mr Satish Jamadagni Mr Jishnu Aravindakshan
 Services and Solutions Mr Akhilesh Srivastava Mr Mangesh Ingale

A meeting of outgoing and new Leaders was held on 4th September, 2017 to facilitate smooth transition. The

groups held their first meeting on October 30-31, 2017 in Bengaluru. Discussion on Terms of Reference and review of technical activities carried over from previous groups were the main topics of deliberation at this meeting.

A draft standard on CPRI Fronthaul Transport was approved by the erstwhile Optical Access and Transport Study Group in August 2017 and is being taken up for further steps towards approval as a standard.

TSDSI has undertaken transposition of 3GPP Specifications (select documents from Release 10 to 13) and oneM2M Rel 2 specifications. These are progressing towards closure.

Transposition of 3GPP Specification 23.038 Rel 14 has been recommended for 7 bit encoding to optimize on air efficiency (WI1-SI45: visit for Indian Languages. A work item (WI1-SI44: visit on standardization of 12 key keypads and QWERTY keyboards for Indic Languages has been initiated.

New Technical Item Proposal (NIP 165: visit to study changes required in Regulatory Framework for commercial adoption of UE Power Class 2 in Band 40 devices has been raised.

New Study Items have been created on Network Slicing (SI49: visit and FiCAD (SI50: visit New Study Items have been approved on the following topics:

— Identify changes required to support Carrier Aggregation in 400kHz NB-IoT channels.

— Specify eMBMS transmission in Non Standalone (NSA) mode for New Radio (NR).

A new Work Item has been created for developing RIT/SRIT for IMT2020.

Other technical activities carried out include study on Relay enhancements to improve wireless backhaul performance (WI1-SI10: visit and Open X2 interface specification development (WI1-SI13: visit

Metrics (Snapshot of Technical Activities):

Technical Group Networks Study Group Services & Solutions Study Group
Total No. of Technical
Reports Released
No. of Technical
Reports in Draft
Total No. of
Standards released
No. of Standards in Draft 296 27

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