New Item Proposals

NIP 252 EPON based back-hauling in 4G/5G networks to reduce hand-off latency TSDSI-SGN-NIP252-V1.0.0-20200902 Under Email Discussion for Scoping
NIP 251 Dynamic joint deployment of SDN Controllers and Hypervisors (Load and Latency Aware Joint Hypervisor Controller Deployment for 5G) TSDSI-SGN-NIP251-V1.0.0-20200902 Under Email Discussion for Scoping
NIP 250 Bandwidth aggregation for 5G TV Broadcast from the co-located UEs: A physical layer prospective with FeMBMS and downlink broadcast control channel. TSDSI-SGN-NIP250-V1.0.0-20200902 Closed in SGN TP#24 (August 2021)
NIP 249 NIP NB-IoT Performance Assessment for Metering and SCADA TSDSI-SGN-NIP249-V1.0.0-20200901 Accepted
NIP 248 Evaluation of the existing IAB architecture in 5G Networks TSDSI-SGN-NIP248-V1.0.0-20200831 Under Email Discussion for Scoping
NIP 247 oneM2M Release 3 Transposition as TSDSI specifications TSDSI-SGSS-NIP247-V1.0.0-20200824 Accepted
NIP 246 Study of 6 GHz spectrum for license-exempt wireless applications in India TSDSI-SGN-NIP246-V1.0.0-20200805 Approved as Study Item in SGN TP#18 (May 2020)
NIP 242 Open Bootstrap Framework TSDSI-SGSS-NIP242-V2.0.0-20200618 Closed
NIP 245 Mobile Data Protection & Privacy TSDSI-SGSS-NIP245-V1.0.0-20200616 Accepted
NIP 244 Machine KYC TSDSI-SGSS-NIP244-V1.0.0-20200616 Accepted
NIP 243 Globally Unique Identifiers for IoT TSDSI-SGSS-NIP243-V1.0.0-20200616 Accepted
NIP 242 Open Bootstrap Framework TSDSI-SGSS-NIP242-V1.0.0-20200616 Closed
NIP 241 Scoping out work and timeline for Pilot Project involving PS-LTE TSDSI-SGSS-NIP241-V1.0.0-20200616 Accepted