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India EU Stakeholders’ Workshop on 5G Technology Landscape (5-6 Feb, 2019: New Delhi)

February 5, 2019 - February 6, 2019

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TSDSI-5GIA-BIF supported by Delegation of the European Union to India and India EU Cooperation Project on ICT-Related Standardisation, Policy and Legislation

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

5-6 February 2019

The emerging 5G technologies have the potential to unleash the power of digital technologies to transform Indian society and bridge the Urban-Rural divide. India has drawn up a roadmap to promote indigenous IP development and deployment, in collaboration with global players, of this technology. As the global community gears up to implement the first wave of 5G technologies, it is important to collaborate on the trials, pilots and share the experiences. A shared vision for further development and deployment of futuristic technologies is necessary to accelerate the delivery of benefits of 5G to the global community.

Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI) has been leading efforts to incorporate India specific requirements and solutions thereof from 5G in global forums.  The 5G Infrastructure Association (5G-IA) is the voice of the European Industry for the development and evolution of 5G, and thus committed to build global consensus on 5G.  Broadband India Forum (BIF), is championing efforts on leveraging 5G technologies for the propagation of broadband in India.

With the support of the Delegation of the European Union to India and India-EU Cooperation Project on ICT-Related  Standardisation, Policy and Legislation, TSDSI and BIF joined hands with 5G-IA to organize a workshop that brought together technology experts from the EU and India geographies to share their experiences and explore areas of mutual collaboration.

The workshop covered topics from following areas:

  • 5G Architecture and Applications
  • Status of 5G Standardisation
  • 5G Trials, Interoperability and Test Beds
  • Rural 5G
  • mmWave and VLC Building Network Architecture
  • Cloud, Satellite and Broadcast viz. 5G

Confirmed Speakers at the workshop included Experts from EU and India, Mr Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, Mr T V Ramachandran, Mr Satish Jamadagni, Ms Pamela Kumar, Mr Babu Narayanan, Mr Anindya Saha, Dr Belkacem Mouhouche, Mr Gourav Prateek Sharma, Mr Marco Gramaglia, Mr Romain Bucelle, Dr John Cosmas, Prof. Kiran Kuchi, Prof R K Ganti and others.

Participation: Participation was OPEN TO ALL on prior registration here.

India EU Stakeholders’ Workshop on 5G Technology Landscape Event Brochure

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Workshop Booklet


Day 1 Tuesday, 5th February 2019 Gulmohar Hall
0900 – 0930 REGISTRATION
0930 – 1030 INAUGURAL SESSION: Context Setting

Welcome by Ms Pamela Kumar, Director General, TSDSI

Opening Remarks:

Mr Satish Jamadagni, Vice Chairman, TSDSI (Vice President, Reliance JIO)

Mr Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, Secretary General, 5G Infrastructure Association

Mr T V Ramachandran, President, Broadband India Forum

Mr Tonnie De Koster, Advisor (International Outreach) for Digital Single Market at the EC

Mr R K Pathak, Member Secretary, 5G HLF, DDG (IC), Department of Telecom,  Govt. of India

1100-1230 Session #1: Current Status of 5G Standardization

5G Standardisation Landscape, Mr Satish Jamadagni, Vice Chairman TSDSI (VP, Reliance JIO)

5G Standards Development Overview @ ETSI, Mr Dinesh Chand Sharma, Director-Standards and Policy, European Project SESEI(Seconded European Standardization Expert in India)

Indian opportunities and India-EU Engagement in 5G, Mr Kishore Babu, DDG (Policy), DoT

EU’s perspective on 5G Standardisation, Mr Emilio Davila Gonzalez, Head of Sector, ICT Standardisation, European Commission

Evolving Trends in 5G by Mr Manoj Misra, GSMA India


1230 – 1315 Session #2: 5G Architecture and Applications

Total Enterprise Communication in the 5G Era, Mr Vipin Tyagi, Executive Director, CDOT

5G-MoNArch (5G Mobile Network Architecture for diverse services, use cases and applications in 5G & beyond) – “5G Architecture and Slicing for Customized Networks: the 5G-MoNArch Vision”, Mr Marco Gramaglia, University Carlos III of Madrid, deputy TM of 5G-MoNArch

Video demonstration by MoNArch

Application use cases and Architecture Frameworks –Mr M P Singhal, Sr DDG TEC


1400-1515 SESSION#3: 5G Trials

Pan-European 5G Trials Roadmap, and international trials, Mr Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, Secretary General, 5G-IA

Regulatory Perspective, Mr U K Srivastava, Principal Advisor (NSL), TRAI

5G HLF Initiative for Trials, Mr R K Pathak, Member Secretary, 5G HLF, DDG (IC), DoT

India initiatives, Prof Kiran Kuchi, TSDSI Governing Council Member (IIT Hyderabad)

Panel Discussion: Mr R K Pathak, DDG (IC), DoT (Moderator),  Panelists: Mr U K Srivastava, TRAI; Prof Kiran Kuchi, TSDSI; Mr JeanPierre Bienaimé, 5GIA


1530-1645 SESSION#4: Rural 5G

Overview of Low Mobility Large Cells (LMLC), Dr Radha Krishna Ganti, IIT Madras

Frugal 5G – Addressing Challenges of Rural Connectivity, Mr Pranav Jha,  IIT Bombay

Panel Discussion: Mr Andreas Sommer, India EU PP for ICT Cooperation, Moderator; Panelists: Mr Satish Jamadagni; Prof. Kiran Kuchi, TSDSI; Mr R B Prasad, WPC, DoT; Mr Satyen Gupta, BIF (Blure Town); Mr Deepak K Yadav, NOKIA






SESSION#5: 5G mmWave and VLC Building Network Architecture

Visible Light Communications: Research Challenges and Solutions, Asst. Prof. Abhisek Dixit, IIT Delhi

5G PPP IoRL (Internet of Radio Light) – “5G mmWave and VLC Building Network Architecture: First Key Performance Indicator Results from the IoRL project”, Mr John Cosmas, Project Technical Director

Video demonstration showcasing IoRL

Learnings from Optical Wireless Communications Experiments towards Mobile Access Technology, Mr Subhas Mondal, Chief Architect 5G, WIPRO


Day 2 Wednesday, 6th February 2019 Tamarind Hall
0930-1100 SESSION#6: 5G Interoperability and Test Beds

Govt. Perspective: Mr Rajiv Sinha, DDG (NT), DoT

An overview of India 5G testbeds activities, Mr Babu Narayanan, Chief Technologist, CEWiT

RF and Antenna design challenges in Indigenous 5G test bed development, Dr P H Rao, SAMEER – Centre for Electromagnetics

Panel Discussion: Mr Babu Narayanan, Chief Technologist, CEWiT, Moderator; Panelists: Prof K V S Hari, IISc Bangalore;  Dr Bighnaraj Panigrahi, TCS; Mr Madhur Bhardwaj, AIRTEL

1100 – 1115 NETWORKING TEA
1115-1200 SESSION#7: 5G – Broadcast

5G -Xcast (Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers for the 5th Generation of Wireless Systems) – The Role of broadcast in 5G Networks, by Dr Belkacem Mouhouche, Project Technical Director

Video demonstration of 5G-Xcast

Standardisation for Broadcast offload, Mr Anindya Saha, TSDSI Governing Council Member (Saankhya Labs)


 1200 – 1315 SESSION#8: Satellite  for 5G

SaT5G (Satellite and Terrestrial Network for 5G), Mr Romain Bucelle, 5G R&D coordinator, Thales Alenia Space

Video demonstration of SaT5G (TBC)

Space Segment perspective, Dr P K Jain, Associate Director, SATCOM PO, ISRO

Technology and Standards initiatives, Prof Kiran Kuchi, IIT Hyderabad

Frequency coordination matters, Ms Revathi, Sr DWA (SAT), DoT

Indian SATCOM Industry perspective: Mr Gaurav Kharod, Country Manager, India, INTELSAT


1400 – 1500 SESSION#9: 5G and Cloud

Leveraging Cloud for 5G,  Mr Satish Jamadagni, Vice Chairman TSDSI

NGPaaS (Next Generation Platform as a Service) – “Next Generation Platform as a Service: 5G Cloud Native Solution”, Mr Gourav Prateek Sharma, Research Assistant/Gent University

Video demonstration of NGPaaS

Status of Cloud Interoperability and Portability standards development, Prof Dinkar Sitaram, CCICI


1500 – 1515 Networking Tea

Panel Discussion: Way Forward for Collaborative Approach, Mr Benoit Sauveroche, EU Delegation to India Moderator; Panelists: Mr Andreas Sommer, India EU Cooperation Project; Mr A S Yadav, DDG (Mobile Technology), Telecom Engineering Centre, Department of Telecom; Mr Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, 5GIA;  Mr Satish Jamadagni TSDSI; Mr Tonnie de Koster, European Commission; Mr Xavier Piednoir, ETSI

Closing Remarks : Ms Pamela Kumar, Director General, TSDSI 

Vote of Thanks: Mr Anil Prakash, Director General, BIF

Program Committee:

  • Mr Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, 5G-IA
  • Prof Kiran Kuchi, Mr Satish Jamadagni, Mr Jishnu Aravindakshan, Mr A K Mittal, Ms Bindoo Srivastava, TSDSI
  • Mr T V Ramachandran, Mr Anil Prakash, Mr Debashish Bhattacharya, BIF
  • Mr Rahul Gupta, Delegation of the European Union to India
  • Mr Sachin Gaur, India EU Cooperation Project on ICT-Related Standardisation, Policy and Legislation

Organising Committee:

  • Mr Anil Prakash, Mr Arun Mukarji, Ms Neema Sunil Kumar, BIF
  • Ms Bindoo Srivastava, Mr Sarat Sahoo, TSDSI

About the Organizers:

Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI):

Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI) aims at developing and promoting India-specific requirements, standardizing solutions for meeting these requirements and contributing these to international standards; contributing to global standardisation in the field of telecommunications; maintaining the technical standards and other deliverables of the organization; safe-guarding the related IPR; helping create manufacturing expertise in the country. TSDSI (website https://www.tsdsi.in) is registered as a society under India’s Societies Registration Act XXI, 1860 and is recognised by the Department of Telecommunications, Govt. of India as India’s Telecom SDO.

More information is available at https://tsdsi.in

5G Infrastructure Association (5G-IA):

The 5G Infrastructure Association is the private side of the 5G Public Private Partnership (5G PPP). It is an industry led association committed to the realisation of 5G in Europe by 2020 for the benefit of both European society and industry. The 5G IA is committed to build global consensus on 5G. To this aim, the Association and its Members (operators, manufacturers, research and academic institutes, verticals, SMEs) carry out a wide-range of activities in key strategic areas including standardisation, frequency spectrum, R&D, cooperation with other strategic industry sectors. The 5G Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) is the 5G collaborative research program that is organized as part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program – The European Union Program for Research and Innovation. It is aimed at fostering industry-driven research, monitored by business-related, technological performance and societal KPIs. Within this research and innovation framework, the European Commission, with the approval of the European Parliament, has committed 700M€ of public funds to supporting 5G PPP activities. As part of the partnership role, complementary private investment in the order of at least five times this amount is being provided by Industry, SMEs, and Research Institutes to realize the 5G-PPP vision. The 5G PPP will deliver solutions, architectures, technologies and standards for the ubiquitous next generation communication infrastructures of the coming decade.

More information is available at http://5g-ppp.eu/.     Twitter: @5GPPP, #5GPPPMWC

Broadband India Forum (BIF):

Broadband India Forum (BIF) is a policy forum and a think tank which works towards the propagation of Broadband in India and has participation from Digital Service Providers, Technology Providers, R&D and Chip Design Companies, System Integrators, Project Management, Satellite Service & Solution Providers, MSO and DTH, VSAT Service Providers and a large pool of intellectuals. The scope of BIF broadly relates to the activities concerning training, research, study, promotion and establishment on /of convergent technologies and projects based on Internet Protocol (IP), Broadband and SatCom-Broadcasting particularly over wire line and wireless; as also advocacy, coordination, facilitation and promotion of all activities with the objective of furthering the goals of the National Telecom Policy and in particular IP, Broadband and SatCom-Broadcasting and in general New Technologies. The activities of the Forum broadly relate to conducting research in collaboration with reputed institutions and to work with Government and Regulatory to assist them with inputs in various areas as well as coordination, promotion and formulation of expert opinion on topical subjects related to Broadband.


More information is available at http://www.broadbandindiaforum.com/



February 5, 2019
February 6, 2019


New Delhi

Registrations are closed for this event