Work item

Work Item Name Version Status
WI1-NIP330 Standardization of common data payload for adaptive traffic control system and other Intelligent transportation system products for interoperability. VersionTSDSI-SGSS-WI1-[NIP330]-V1.0.0-20230920 Initiated
WI1-NIP329 Transposition of ETSI – IoT and NFV Standard documents as TSDSI Standards TSDSI-SGSS-WI1-[NIP329]-V1.0.0-20230920 Initiated
WI1-NIP328 RBSA – Operational Framework and Marketplace Design
TSDSI-SGSS-WI1-[NIP328]-V2.0.0-20230920 Initiated
WI1-NIP314 Coreless RAN TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP314]-V1.0.1-20230608 Initiated
WI1-NIP313 AI Architecture for RAN TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP313]-V1.0.0-20230608 Initiated
WI-NIP 310 Integrated communication and
sensing at the Application level
TSDSI-SGSS-WI1-[NIP310]-V2.0.0-20230607 Initiated
WI-NIP 309 Stage III WI proposal for CIP (Cloud
Interoperability & Portability)
TSDSI-SGSS-WI1-[NIP309]-V1.0.0-20230607 Initiated
WI1-NIP279 A local language repository as an enabler for financial workflows TSDSI-SGSS-W1-[NIP279]-V3.0.1-20221221 Initiated
WI1-NIP290 New Architecture for 6G Communication Systems TSDSI-SGN-W1-[NIP290]-V1.0.0-20220829 Initiated
WI1-NIP284 Interface Design for RIS-assisted Communications TSDSI-SGN-W1-[NIP284]-V1.0.0-20220722 Initiated
WI1-NIP282 Enhancement of application enablement architecture EDGEAPP (3GPP SA6 WG) with the support of 5GS to enable tactile applications with edge intelligence in an Indian deployment scenario TSDSI-SGSS-WI1-[NIP282]-V1.0.0-20220614 Initiated
WI1-NIP278 National Language Preference Repository for Indian Mobile Users TSDSI-SGSS-WI1-[NIP278]-V2.0.0-20220330 Merged with WI1-NIP279
WI1-NIP270 Functional Split and Fronthaul Interface in FBS Driven C-RAN for 5G and Beyond TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP270]-V2.0.0-20220308 Initiated
WI1-NIP271 Open Radio initiative: Towards a Open, Disaggregated RAN TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP271]-V1.0.0-20211022 Initiated
WI1-NIP212 400Khz NB-IOT Specification TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP212]-V1.0.0-20210809 Initiated
WI1-NIP260 Use Cases and Trials – 5Gi for Automotive TSDSI-SGSS-WI1-[NIP260]-V1.0.0-20210716 Closed
WI1-NIP197 WI proposal for Cloud Service Specification TSDSI-SGSS-WI1-[NIP197]-V1.0.0-20201221 Initiated
WI1-NIP258 Characterization of E-band for 4G/5G Backhaul & Rural Broadband TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP258]-V1.0.0-20201215 Initiated
WI1-NIP248 Evaluation of the existing IAB architecture in 5G Networks TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP248]-V1.0.0-20201215 Initiated
WI1-NIP224 Technical Proposal for Deployment Option-6 as a 5G NR SA mode TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP224]-V1.1.0-20200305 Initiated
WI1-NIP227 Fixed and Mobile Convergence with 5G Core TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP227]-V1.0.0-20191126 Initiated
WI1-NIP226 Work Item on the Extension of Broadcast Offload TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP226]-V1.0.0-20190117 Initiated
WI1-NIP224 Proposal for Deployment Option-6 as a 5G NR SA mode TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP224]-V1.0.0-20190117 Initiated
WI1-NIP225 NavIC support in cellular positioning for GERAN, UTRA, LTE, & NR TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[NIP225]-V1.0.0-20190117 Initiated
WI1-SI1 Fronthaul Transport of CPRI signal TSDSI-SG3-WI1-[SI1]-V1.0.0-20150609 Initiated
WI1-SI10 Relay enhancements to achieve good wireless backhaul TSDSI-SG1-WI1-[SI10]-V0.4.0-20170426 TR approved
WI1-SI13 X2 interface specification development TSDSI-SG1-WI1-[SI13]-V0.4.0-20170502 TR approved
WI1-SI17 Work Load Design for NFV performance evaluation TSDSI-SG1-WI1-[SI17]-V1.0.0-20150814 Closed
WI1-SI19 LTE and WiFi Co-existence TSDSI-SG1-WI1-[SI19]-V0.1.0-20150909 Initiated
WI1-SI35 TDD extension of NB-IoT TSDSI-SG1-WI1-[SI35]-V0.2.0-20170421 Closed
WI1-SI39 IMT 2020 RIT/SRIT submission to ITU-R TSDSI-SG1-WI296-[SI39]-V1.0.0-20171116 Initiated
WI1-SI44 Indian language text-entry in 12-key devices TSDSI-SG2-WI1-[SI44]-V1.0.0-20160810 Initiated
WI1-SI45 7-bit encoding for Indian languages to achieve on-air efficiency TSDSI-SG2-WI1-[SI45]-V1.0.0-20160810 Initiated
WI1-SI52 Transposition of oneM2M Specs Rel2 into TSDSI standards TSDSI-SG2-WI1-[SI52]-V1.0.0-20170705 Initiated
WI1-SI55 WI on SI55 TSDSI-SG1-WI1-[SI55]-V1.0.0-20171222 Closed
WI1-SI64 WI to evaluate any sub-recommendation to CPM/WRC TSDSI-SGN-WI1-[SI64]-V1.0.0-20190115 Closed
WI1-SI6 Control and Management of Large Scale WLAN networks TSDSI-SG1-WI1-[SI6]-V1.0.0-20150814 Closed