Study item

Study Item Title Document No. Status
SI74 Study of 6 GHz spectrum for license-exempt wireless applications in India TSDSI-SGN-SI74-V1.0.0-20200901 Initiated
SI73 Study of 6 GHz spectrum for IMT applications in India TSDSI-SGN-SI73-V1.0.0-20200805 Initiated
SI72 Study Report on “Improving data capacity & experience as per NDCP vision TSDSI-SGN-SI72-V1.0.0-20200604 Initiated
SI71 Dynamic Spectrum Access TSDSI-SGN-SI71-V1.0.0-20200527 Initiated
SI70 6G Radio Access Networks TSDSI-SGN-SI70-V1.0.0-20200527 Initiated
SI69 Study Item on Rural Broadband Architecture TSDSI-SGSS-SI69-V1.0.0-20200327 Initiated
SI68 Reducing Threats to National Critical Infrastructure Using DNS TSDSI-SGSS-SI68-V1.0.0-20200327 Initiated
SI67 SI on Indian Language support for financial Transactions & Applications TSDSI-SGSS-SI67-V1.0.0-20200114 Initiated
SI66 Enhancements in flexible UL-DL resource utilization in Release 17 TSDSI-SGN-SI66-V1.0.0-20190915 Approved
SI65 Performance Measurements for Dual SIM devices TSDSI-SGN-SI65-V1.0.0-20190610 Approved
SI64 SI on 5G Spectrum Studies TSDSI-SGN-SI64-V1.0.0-20190115 Approved
SI63 SI on Broadcast Offloading TSDSI-SG1-SI63-V1.0.0-20181206 Approved
SI62 SI for white paper on DCS support in cellular network TSDSI-SGSS-SI62-V1.0.0-20180907 Approved
SI for Way forward on Cloud Interoperability and Portability
TSDSI_SG2_SI61_V1.0.0-20180607 Approved
SI60 Study Item for NIP 200 (Information Centric Networking) TSDSI-SG2-SI60-V1.0.0-20180607 SG Approved
SI59 SI for study of channel characteristics for 60 Ghz for 4G/5G backhaul TSDSI-SG1-SI59-V1.0.0-20180314 SG/WG Approved
SI58 Study item for NIP 199 TSDSI-SG2-SI58-V1.0.0-20180221 Initiated
SI57 Study Item for NIP 196 TSDSI-SG2-SI57-V1.0.0-20180220 Initiated
SI56 High Power UE TSDSI-SG1-NIP165-[SI56]-V1.0.0-20180118 SG/WG Approved
SI55 LS from ITU-R titled “Addendum 3 to Circular Letter 5/LCCE/59 on candidate RIT proposals for IMT-2020 and their subsequent evaluation” TSDSI-SG1-SI55-V1.0.0-20171222 Initiated
SI52 Study Item for NIP 156 TSDSI-SG2-SI52-V1.0.0-20170509 Initiated
SI50 WG1 Study item on FICaD TSDSI-SG3-SI50-V1.0.0-20170426 Initiated
SI49 WG1 Study item on Network Slicing TSDSI-SG3-SI49-V1.0.0-20170426
SI48 Study Item for LTE systems with Aerial nodes TSDSI-SG1-SI48-V1.0.0-20161227 Initiated
SI47 Study Item 5G foor IMT 2020 TSDSI-SG2-SI47-V1.0.0-20160907 Initiated
SI46 IMT2020 response from SG3 TSDSI-SG3-SI46-V1.0.0-20160905 Initiated
SI45 7-bit encoding for Indian languages to achieve on-air efficiency TSDSI-SG2-SI45-V1.0.0-20160810 Initiated
SI43 IMT2020 inputs by WG3 TSDSI-SG1-SI43-V1.0.0-20160810 Initiated
SI42 IMT2020 inputs by WG2 TSDSI-SG1-SI42-V1.0.0-20160810 Initiated
SI41 Contributions for Futuristic Technologies – IMT 2020 and beyond TSDSI-SG1-SI41-V1.0.0-20160810 Initiated
SI40 Study Item for Energy Efficiency characterisation at mobile network access level TSDSI-SG5-SI40-V1.0.0-20160722 Initiated
SI39 IMT2020 proposals for RITs-SRITs TSDSI-SG5-SI39-V1.0.0-20160715 Initiated
SI38 Study Item for energy efficiency chracterisation at mobile access node level TSDSI-SG5-SI38-V1.0.0-20160629 Initiated
SI37 Draft M2MSP Registration Guidelines issued by DoT TSDSI-SG2-SI37-V1.0.0-20160623 Initiated
SI34 Access and Core Network TSDSI-SG2-SI34-V1.0.0-20160204 Initiated
SI33 Protocol and Interface TSDSI-SG2-SI33-V1.0.0-20160204 Initiated
SI32 Security and Privacy TSDSI-SG2-SI32-V1.0.0-20160204 Initiated
SI31 M2M Architecture TSDSI-SG2-SI31-V1.0.0-20160204 Initiated
SI28 SI 7 NIP73 Naming and Addressing Horizontal TSDSI-SG2-SI28-V1.0.0-20150918 Initiated