New item proposals

New Item Proposal Name Version Status
NIP 216 Development of Cyber security standard TSDSI-SGSS-NIP216-V1.0.0-20181203 Reserved
NIP 214 Study of FiCaD and FiDaR TSDSI-SGN-NIP214-V1.0.0-20181130 Reserved
NIP 212 NB-IoT Extensions TSDSI-SGN-NIP212-V1.0.0-20181120 Reserved
NIP 211 Broadcast Offloading TSDSI-SGN-NIP211-V1.0.0-20181112 Reserved
NIP 210 Enabler Private Networks TSDSI-SGN-NIP210-V1.0.0-20180907 Accepted
NIP 209 Study on the UAV/Drone communications and services TSDSI-SGSS-NIP209-V1.0.0-20180902 Accepted
NIP 208 Liaison Statement on the Availability of initial description template information and updated information related to proposals for the terrestrial components of the radio interface(s) for IMT-2020 TSDSI-SGN-NIP208-V1.0.0-20180829 Accepted
NIP 207 Confirmation of receipt of initial description templates and updated information related to proposals for the terrestrial components of the radio interface(s) for IMT-2020 TSDSI-SGN-NIP207-V1.0.0-20180829 Accepted
NIP 206 Definition of and test methods for OTA unwanted emissions of IMT radio equipment TSDSI-SGN-NIP206-V1.0.0-20180829 Accepted
NIP 205 LS on Establishment of new Focus Group on Network Technologies for 2030 and beyond (FG NET-2030) TSDSI-SGN-NIP205-V1.0.0-20180829 Accepted
NIP 204 PPDR Questionnaire TSDSI-SGSS-NIP204-V1.0.0-20180824 Accepted
NIP 203 Transport Software Defined Networking (T-SDN) standards for optical transport equipment in India TSDSI-SG1-NIP203-V1.0.0-20180404 Accepted
NIP202 Study on spectrum requirements and impacts of IoT services on cellular network TSDSI-SG1-NIP202-V1.0.0-20180315 Accepted
NIP201 Defining standards for dual sim devices (Smartphones) including DSDS, DSDA and DSDV implementations. TSDSI-SG1-NIP201-V1.0.0-20180315 Accepted
NIP200 Study and develop architecture for Information Centric Networking (ICN) TSDSI-SG2-NIP200-V1.0.0-20180306 Accepted
NIP197 WI proposal for Cloud Service Specification TSDSI-SG2-NIP197-V1.0.0-20180129 Accepted
NIP196 LS to transpose 3GPP specs on security by DOT TSDSI-SG2-NIP196-V1.0.0-20180117 Accepted
NIP187 PCG Approval of contributions to the ITU TSDSI-SG1-NIP 187-V1.0.0-20180112 Approved
NIP186 Discussions on the 60Ghz for 4G/5G backhaulon the 60Ghz for 4G/5G backhaul TSDSI-SG1-1-[NIP 186]-V1.0.0-20180111 Approved as SI
NIP185 A unified Broadband PPDR Communication System for India TSDSI-SG2-NIP185-V1.0.0-20180111 Accepted
NIP184 Development of Standards for Interoperability and Portability of Cloud Services TSDSI-SG2-NIP184-V1.0.0-20180110 Accepted
NIP183 LS on Standards for Cloud Computing Interoperability TSDSI-SG2-NIP183-V1.0.0-20180104 Accepted
NIP180 WI proposal for eMBMS support for NSA TSDSI-SG-Networks-NIP180-V1.0.0-20171025 Accepted
NIP179 400Khz NB-IOT Specification TSDSI-SG-Networks-NIP179-V1.0.0-20171025 Accepted
NIP178 Internet Architecture Board(IAB) statement on IPv6 TSDSI-SG2-NIP178-V1.0.0-20171025 Accepted
NIP177 LS related to the Draft New Report for IMT-2020 Evaluation TSDSI-SG1-NIP177-V1.0.0-20171025 Accepted
NIP176 LS for further progress in development of terrestrial components for IMT-2020 radio interface(s) TSDSI-SG1-NIP176-V1.0.0-20171025 Accepted
NIP175 LS on schedule for updating recommendation ITU-R M.2012 to Revision 4 TSDSI-SG1-NIP175-V1.0.0-20171025 Accepted
NIP174 ToR for SG-Services & Solutions TSDSI-SG02-174-V1.0.0-20170928 Accepted
NIP173 ToR for SG-Networks TSDSI-SG1-173-V1.0.0-20170928 Accepted
NIP172 LS in from ITU-R dtd 27 Feb 2017 titled “Schedule for updating ITU-R M.1457 to Revision 14.” TSDSI-SG1-1-[NIP172]-V1.0.0-20170926 Accepted
NIP171 LS from ITU-R dtd 27 Feb 2017 titled “Addendum 3 to Circular Letter 5/LCCE/59 on candidate RIT proposals for IMT-2020 and their subsequent evaluation” TSDSI-SG1-1-[NIP 171]-V1.0.0-20170926 Accepted
NIP170 LS in from ITU-R dtd 27 Feb 2017 titled “ITU-R WP 5D Workshop on IMT2020” TSDSI-SG1-1-[NIP170]-V1.0.0-20170926 Accepted
NIP166 Potential conflict between the scopes of new SGs TSDSI-SG1-NIP166-V1.0.0-20170731 Accepted