New Item Proposals

New Item Proposal Name Version Status
NIP 268 Study of open and disaggregated design for IP Transport in 5G TSDSI-SGN-NIP268-V2.0.0-20211208-20211201 Accepted
NIP 273 Updates to handbook on IMT with IMT 2020 inputs for WP5D TSDSI-SGN-NIP273-V1.1.0-20211207-20211201 Accepted
NIP 273 Updates to Handbook on IMT with IMT-2020 inputs for WP5D TSDSI-SGN-NIP273-V1.0.0-20211201 Accepted
NIP 272 Feasibility of Open-Source for 5G- Applications: RAN Intelligent Controller TSDSI-SGSS-NIP272-V1.0.0-20210901 Accepted
NIP 266 Creation of Edge Intelligence standards for latency and privacy management TSDSI-SGSS-NIP266-V1.2.0-20210824 Accepted
NIP 268 Feasibility of Open Source for IP Transport in 5G TSDSI-SGN-NIP268-V1.0.0-20210810

Introduced in SGN TP#24 (August 2021).

Approved as Study Item.

NIP 271 Open Radio initiative: Towards a Open, Disaggregated RAN TSDSI-SGN-NIP271-V1.0.0-20210805 Approved as a Work Item in SGN TP#24 (August 2021)
NIP 270 Functional Split and Fronthaul Interface in FBS Driven C-RAN for 5G and Beyond TSDSI-SGN-NIP270-V1.0.0-20210805 Under email discussion from SGN TP#24 (August 2021)
NIP 269 Bandwidth aggregation for 5G TV Broadcast from the co-located UEs TSDSI-SGN-NIP269-V1.0.0-20210805 Under email discussion from SGN TP#24 (August 2021)
NIP 267 Inter-domain service automation (IDSA) (motivation microfinance) TSDSI-SGSS-NIP267-V1.0.0-20210730 Accepted
NIP 264 Study of existing ITU/IEEE standards on VLC/LiFi and gap analysis. Identification of Use cases from International and Indian Context TSDSI-SGN-NIP264-V1.2.0-20210716 Approved as Study Item in SGN TP#23 (May 2021)