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SGSS Technical Plenary #26 (June 7-8, 2023)

June 7 @ 10:00 am - June 8 @ 4:00 pm

TSDSI and Nokia are pleased to invite you to the TSDSI Study Group June 2023 meeting of Services & Solutions in Bengaluru. The meetings will be held on 7th and 8th June at Nokia R&D Center in Bengaluru.

Meeting location:
Nokia Solutions & Networks Pvt Ltd
L5 Manyata Embassy Business Park,
Outer Ring Road, Nagavara
Bangalore – 560045

Google maps Link:


Telecommunication Standards Development Society India

SG – Services & Solutions (TP#26_2023_24) meeting

Date: 7th– 8th June 2023
Location- Bangalore

Draft Agenda

All the documents to be presented in this meeting are uploaded here

Day 1

Date Timings Agenda
DAY #1: 7th June 2023

























1000 to 1020


1020 to 1300






Tea Break will be taken at suitable slots

Welcome address by Nokia R&D Head – Mr. Ajith Thayil

A.     Opening Plenary Session [Chair SGSS]

1.        Welcome & Approval of agenda and previous TP minutes

a)      Readout TSDSI IPR Policy

b)      Approval of MoM of 16th – 17th March 2023 SGSS TP#25

c)      Review & Finalization of Agenda with Agenda Approval

2.        Items for early consideration

3.        Summary of Email Discussion from March 2023 TP#25

4.        NIP handling

a)      New NIP306 – Enhancement of the security and privacy of the user subscription identity in 5G AKA [IIT Bhilai]

b)      New NIP307 – A location privacy-preserving scheme to mitigate the authentication relay attack under False Base Station in 5G [IIT Bhilai]

c)      New NIP309 – Stage III WI proposal for CIP (Cloud Interoperability & Portability) [R Jio]

d)      New NIP310 – Integrated communication and sensing using SUPL (Application-level approach) [R Jio]

e)      New NIP315 – Slice Identification in 5G RAN for End-to-End Secure Slice Service [IIT Hyderabad]

f)       New NIP317 – 5G and Beyond Network Security Architecture to support Multilevel End-to-End User Plane Security [CDAC]

g)      Update on existing NIP 304 – Suggested recommendations in Smart Metering Standards for greater efficiency from Telco perspective [Vodafone-Idea]

h)      Existing NIP 283 – Use Cases and Deployment Options for BFS Vertical [IDRBT]

i)        Existing NIP 293 – Open APIs to use Smart-Ambulance Services [IIT Bhilai]


5.        Liaisons (Review Liaisons and Identify Actions)

a)      Incoming LS-None

b)      Outgoing LS- Update on outgoing LS [Mr. Rajesh Kapoor]

1.       LS on published technical report Study on Edge Intelligence standards for haptics related IIoT use cases (TSDSI TR 6018 V1.0.0)

2.       LS on published technical report Indian Languages in Mobile Transactions (TSDSI TR 6014 V1.0.0)

c)       Information on SGSS OTC Award [Mr. Rajesh Kapoor]

  6.        Working Group 1: Security [WG1 chair]

a)      WG1 Report [Chair/Vice chair]

b)      SI 75- IoT Identifier [Sensorise]

c)      SWIC 849 – SI 103 – Study on the security aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) models for 5G applications (NIP 303) [IIT Bhilai]

1300 to 1400 Lunch Break:
1400 to 1700 7.        Working Group 2:  Applications Layer [WG2 chair]

a)      WG2 Report [Chair/Vice chair]

b)      Revised SWIC 829– SI 98 – Study on system requirements related to Metaverse use cases in mobile network [Nokia]

c)      Revised SWIC 841 – SI 87 – Communications Requirements and Recommendations for the Energy Sector [R Jio]

d)      Update on Final TR (TSDSI TR 6025 V1.0.0) – SI 93 – Study UAV/Drone 3GPP-5G standards applicability to India use cases [Nokia]

e)      SWIC – WI1-NIP 279 – A local language repository as an enabler for financial workflows [IIT Madras/IDRBT]

f)       WI1-NIP260 – Use Cases and Trials – 5Gi for Automotive [Tata Motors]

g)      SWIC 851– SI 102- Enablement of common ontology for adaptive traffic control system and other Intelligent transportation system products. [CDAC Trivandrum]


End of Day 1

Day 2

Date Timings Agenda
DAY #2:

8th June, 2023

1000 to 1230








Tea Break will be taken at suitable slots

8.        Working Group 3:  Services Architecture and Framework [WG3 Chair]

a)      WG3 Report [Chair/Vice chair]

b)      Update on Final TR (TSDSI TR 6023.V1.0.0) – SI 85- Rural Broadband Services & Architecture [ERNET/IDRBT]

c)      SI 76 – Common User Profile Format [IISc Bangalore]

d)      SWIC 842– SI 101 – Enablement of common edge connectivity for public utility purposes [IIT Delhi]

e)      Revised SWIC 834 – WI1-NIP282 – Architecture to support tactile applications with edge intelligence over 5GS [IIT Delhi]


9.        Percentage Status and expected completion date of the ongoing SGSS items


10.    Any another item


B.      Closing Plenary Session [Chair SGSS]


1230 to 1245



1245 to 1345




Joint Session

Changeover for joint session in common room and common tool (GoToMeeting link – https://meet.goto.com/574881925 )

11.  Inputs from Roadmap Committee – (Roadmap committee Chair) and TRIP Forums updates – 20 min

a.      Roadmap Committee- one slider

b.      TRIP Forum for IoT/M2M – one slider

c.       TRIP Forum for Quantum Communication – one slider

d.      TRIP Forum for Automated Electric Road Transportation – one slider


12.  Presentation – Global SDO Updates -30 min

a.      3GPP, ITU-R (A.K. Mittal)

b.      oneM2M (Vijay Madan)

c.       ITU-T, WTSA (Vishnu Ram)


13.  Marcom Updates – 10 min


1345 to 1430 Lunch Break



1430 to 1500


  1500 to 1700

Common session for SGSS and SGN (GoToMeeting link –https://meet.goto.com/574881925 )

14.  Interaction with new DG for both SGs


15.  3GPP Rel-19 workshop for both SGs


End of Day 2 (Feedback)

Note1: The sequencing of the new proposals/contributions might change depending on the time taken by every item. Some of the items scheduled to be taken on Day 1 might move to Day 2

Members are requested to attend both days and keep themselves logged in the meeting.

Note2: More NIPs may be added in agenda before the meeting


Date & Time schedule Agenda Meeting Room
7-June-2023 (Day 1): 10:00 – 17:00 IST Technical Plenary In a separate room for SGSS and SGN
7-June-2023 (Day 1): 13:00 – 14:00 IST Lunch
8-June-2023 (Day 2): 10:00 – 12:30 IST Technical Plenary In a separate room for SGSS and SGN
8-June-2023 (Day 2): 12:30 – 13:30 IST SDO updates + Marcom updates + Briefing on GC meeting+ other committees updates In Joint Room
8-June-2023 (Day 2): 13:30 – 14:30 IST Lunch
8-June-2023 (Day 2): 14:30 – 14:45 IST New DG Introduction for both SGs In Joint Room
8-June-2023 (Day 2): 14:45 – 17:00 IST 3GPP Rel-19 workshop for both SGs In Joint Room

Important information to the meeting delegates:

  1. Registration for the meetings is mandatory. This will help the hosts to handle the logistic arrangements for the meetings. Please complete the registration by 1st Jun 2023.
    1. SGSS meeting registration – https://tsdsi.in/sgss-tp-7-8-jun-2023/
  1. Delegates are requested to provide their laptop information (serial number) to the TSDSI secretariat team to enable smooth registration process at the meeting location.
  1. The meeting location requires that the delegates provide (soft copy or hard copy) the COVID-19 vaccination certificate when asked for by the security staff at the meeting location.

The meeting starts at 10:00 AM on both days


June 7 @ 10:00 am
June 8 @ 4:00 pm