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TSDSI-TIA Workshop on “5G Networks: Strategies for Enabling Standards Driven Technologies & Innovation” (April 7 & 9, 2021: Online)

April 7, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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One event on April 9, 2021 at 6:30 pm

India has staked a claim to development of global 5G standards thanks to contributions by TSDSI. TSDSI members actively contributed towards drafting of the “Making India 5G Ready” report of Department of Telecommunication – 5G High Level Forum. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), an UN body that is setting requirements for IMT 2020 (aka 5G), adopted the Low-Mobility-Large-Cell (LMLC) use case proposed by TSDSI as a mandatory 5G requirement in 2017. This addresses the problem of rural coverage by mandating large cell sizes in rural terrains, scattered and/or sparsely populated areas in developing as well as developed countries. 5Gi, the first ever Mobile Radio Interface Technology contribution from India, developed by TSDSI has recently been approved as one of the 3 Radio Interface Technologies of IMT-2020, paving the way for 100% broadband connectivity in India. TSDSI has also begun work on technologies beyond 5G.

TIA has a rich history of developing and establishing global standards which are critical to the deployment of various communications networks.  In particular, our technology standards are used for the design, construction, and maintenance of towers for antennas, as well as for the design and deployment of cabling infrastructure, both copper and fiber, for homes, commercial buildings, and data centers.  These standards are all being updated by their respective engineering committees to enable and support the 5G environment.  In addition, TIA’s Technology Programs are focused on enabling industry advancements for Smart Buildings and Data Centers and our program participant working groups are addressing the unique needs for building out 5G and IoT infrastructure for public and private spaces.  TL 9000 is our globally recognized process-based quality management system standard relied on by service providers and suppliers for deploying all ICT equipment and services, including 5G and IoT.  Our new Supply Chain security standard will provide a similar verifiable, process-based standard for ensuring the security of the 5G supply chain.

Digital communications technologies are playing an increasingly indispensable role in our lives, which is expected to be further enhanced by 5G. 5G will play a critical role in the emerging environment – be it remote surgeries, Low-cost Automation, Smart manufacturing, M2M. In this scenario, it is important to recognize the significance of supporting but critical aspects – Data Centre Infrastructure, Supply Chain Security and Service Performance Reliability.

About the Workshop:

TSDSI and TIA, as part of our agreement to collaborate for progress of ICT standards, are jointly organizing a workshop on “5G Networks: Strategies for Enabling Standards Driven Technologies & Innovation” on 7 & 9 April 2021.

The workshop will dwell on following strategically important technologies/standards in the current ecosystem.

Session #11: Data Centre Technologies for 5G and Evolving Trends in Standardization

Session Chairs – Jacques Fluet (TIA), R Prakash (TSDSI)

The data center is evolving to meet the new requirements driven by 5G. The distributed cloud is expanding to the edge of the networks and needs to provide high levels of computing, storage, and connectivity while meeting the performance requirements of the new applications enabled by the new generation of networks.   The high volume of data, the lower latency expectations, the high level of reliability driven by the digitalization of our world are directly impacting data center requirements. This session will discuss what is driving this evolution and how the data centers are evolving to meet the challenges.

Session #12: Supply Chain Security

Session Chairs- Ken Koffman (TIA), Sharad Arora (TSDSI)

The information and communications technology (ICT) industry has an obligation to ensure that the devices, equipment, and networks relied on by businesses and consumers, can be trusted.  Threats to the global communications infrastructure and the ICT supply chain has reached an all-time high. Emerging technologies will further expand the attack surface. While existing standards address cybersecurity across various industries, no single document has adequately covered all aspects of security and focused on requirements for the ICT supply chain. Supply chain attacks in this industry have the potential to impact global networks and tens of millions of users.  This session will review the effort TIA is undertaking to create and release a comprehensive, certifiable, process-based Supply Chain Security standard this year.  It will be followed by a panel discussion of esteemed experts from government, network operators, ICT vendors, and SDO’s discussing the security challenges we face now and in the 5G world. 

Session#21: Service Performance Reliability Requirements from Next Gen Networks for Connected Vehicles

Session Chairs – Jacques Fluet (TIA), Sharad Arora (TSDSI)

The 5G technology is enabling new levels of performance for the wireless networks that is opening horizons for the Network Operators, the Applications Providers, as well as the various industry domains.    As new technology and features are deployed in the networks, new levels of, adaptability, and reliability will become the foundation used to deliver new services that were not possible before. This session will provide an overview of these new technologies and features and discuss how it applies to the very challenging connected vehicle use cases.

Session #22 will feature expert talks on Interoperability for Public Safety Mobile Networks

It is critically important that different public safety organizations are able to communicate with each other over mobile networks in the event of an emergency.  TIA provides the standards for ensuring interoperability of both the air interface and the networks in the US and for multiple other countries. TSDSI has published a technical report on “Broadband Public Protection and Disaster Recovery (PPDR) Communication Systems in India”. It is now working on technical aspects of a pan-India Broadband PPDR framework based on PS-LTE and 5G technologies to enable quick and coordinated multi-agency response to emergency and public safety incidents.

To facilitate wider participation, the conference will be held in a fully virtual mode, with technical sessions being conducted on 2 days.

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Schedule: 7 & 9 April 2021 18:30-21:00 IST/ 8:00-10:30 CST/ 9:00-11:30 EST

Venue: Online

Participation: Click here to register

Workshop Contact: 

TSDSI: Bindoo Srivastava (bindoo@tsdsi.in, +91 9873840817), Shefali Sinha (shefali@tsdsi.in, +91 9810539624);

TIA: Rebecca Mc Veigh (rmcveigh@tiaonline.org), Leigh Ann Perkins (lperkins@tiaonline.org)


Program Schedule:

Conference Theme: “5G Networks: Strategies for  Enabling Standards Driven  Technologies & Innovation”

Venue: Online

7 & 9 April 2021 18:30 – 21:00 IST

7 April 2021 18:30 18:40 Workshop Inauguration TSDSI – NG Subramaniam – Chair

TIA – Dave Stehlin – CEO

18:40 19:45 Session#11: Data Centre Technologies for 5G and Evolving Trends in Standardization
18:40 19:00 Context Setting & Keynote: Overview of Data Center Technologies Jacques Fluet, TIA
19:00 19:30 Panel Discussion Moderator: Jacques Fluet, TIA


AK Mishra, NSGM

Kalpesh Parikh, ESDS

R Prakash, TSDSI (CDOT)

Siddharth Jain, EPI India

19:30 19:40 Q&A
19:40 19:45 Session Conclusions R Prakash
19:55 21:00 Session#12: Supply Chain Security
19:55 20:15 Context Setting & Keynote Ken Koffman, TIA
20:15 20:45 Panel Discussion Moderator: Sharad Arora, TSDSI


Ken Koffman, TIA

Narendra Nath, NSCS

Sushil Kumar, TEC

Satish Jamadagni, Reliance JIO

Sitaram Chamarty, TCS

20:45 20:55 Q&A
20:55 21:00 Session Conclusions Ken Koffman & Sharad Arora
9 April 2021 18:30 19:35 Session#21: Service Performance Reliability Requirements from Next Gen Networks for Connected Vehicles
18:30 18:50 Context Setting & Keynote Jacques Fluet, TIA
18:50 19:20 Panel Discussion Moderator: Sharad Arora, TSDSI


Ajay Mittal, Volvo Eicher

Alok Sethi, DIMTS

Asit Kadayan, TRAI

Bhushan Sethi, Vodafone-Idea

Satish Jamadagni, Reliance JIO

19:20 19:30 Q&A
19:30 19:35 Session Conclusions Jacques Fluet & Sharad Arora
19:50 20:55 Session#22: Interoperability for Mobile Public Safety Networks
19:50 19:55 Session Context Setting Tom McGarry, TIA
19:55 20:35 Expert Talks Andy Davis, Motorola Solutions

Nishant Shah, MCLabs Private Ltd

20:35 20:50 Q&A
20:50 20:55 Session Conclusions Tom McGarry, TIA
20:55 21:00 Workshop Concluding Remarks TSDSI – Pamela Kumar, DG

TIA – Ken Koffman, CTO & Sr. VP


April 7, 2021
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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