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TSDSI Tech Deep Dive Conference @IMC 2019 (15-16 October, 2019: Aerocity,New Delhi)

October 15, 2019 @ 9:30 am - October 16, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

TSDSI successfully organises the 2nd edition Tech Deep

Dive Workshop @ IMC 2019

Enthused by the success and wide appreciation of last year’s TSDSI Technical Deep Dive Conference on the sidelines of IMC 2018, TSDSI organized a series of high quality technical talks and panel discussions on 15th and 16th October 2019 in Hall-3 of IMC 2019 this year. The theme this year was “Standards for Development & Bridging the Digital Divide in the Era of 5G & Beyond”.

The conference featured Keynotes, Expert talks and Panel Discussions structured around the following sub themes:

Sub Theme #1 – Reality Check for 5G

  • Standards Readiness
  • Broadcast – Broadband in the Realm of 5G
  • Emerging Trends

Sub Theme #2 – “Open” initiatives

  • Open Standards, Platforms and Open Source

Sub Theme #3 – Emerging 5G ecosystem in India

  • Frugal 5G
  • Low Mobility Large Cell (LMLC) and beyond
  • Information Centric Networking, Multi access Edge Computing
  • Leveraging 5G for Vertical Application industries

Speakers at the workshop were globally renowned Subject Matter experts drawn from TSDSI and its technical partners, Government of India, Regulatory and other stakeholders.

Click here to view photos from the event.

Presentations made at the conference can be downloaded from here:

Workshop Contact: Cdr Anurag Vibhuti (anurag@tsdsi.in, +91 9891991313/Ms Bindoo Srivastava (bindoo@tsdsi.in, +91 9873840817), TSDSI Secretariat (secretariat@tsdsi.in)

Conference Theme: Standards for Development and Bridging the Digital Divide

Venue: Hall-3, IMC 2019

DAY 1 (15 October 2019)

Theme: Reality Check of 5G

Session Topic Speaker Duration

Inaugural Session – Day#1

Inaugural Session


Welcome Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Chairman TSDSI 00:10
Inaugural Address Shri Anshu Prakash, Chairman DCC and Secretary, DoT 00:20
Keynote Address Mr Parag Naik, Co-Founder & CEO, Saankhya Labs Pvt Ltd 00:20
Special Address – 5G Initiatives in India Prof Abhay Karandikar, Director, IIT Kanpur 00:20
Concluding Remarks Prof Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Chairman TSDSI 00:10

TEA BREAK 11:10-11:40


Session 1A: Readiness of 5G Standards
Session 1A


Expert Talk 1A1: 3GPP Standards Mr Adrian Scrase, CTO, ETSI 00:20
Expert Talk 1A2: IEEE SA on 5G Standards Mr Sri Chandra, Sr Director IEEE SA 00:20

Session 1B: Emerging 5G Services Ecosystem: Sponsored by ATSC

Session 1B


Keynote: Broadcast -Broadband: Policy framework perspective Mr Shashi Shekhar Vempati, CEO, Prasar Bharati 00:20
Expert Talk 1B1: Broadcast-Broadband convergence in the realm of 5G Ms Madeleine Noland, President, ATSC 00:20
Expert Talk 1B2:

3GPP SA2/SA6 perspective

Mr Suresh Chitturi, Samsung 00:20

LUNCH BREAK 13:20 to 14:20


Session 1C: Converged Authentication & Security Architecture for 5G/4G/non 3GPP devices: Sponsored by Sensorise

Session 1C


Expert Talk #1C1: 5G End to end security Mr Narendra Nath, Jt. Secretary, NSCS 00:20
Expert Talk #1C2: Converged Authentication and Security Architecture for 5G/4G/non 3GPP devices Mr Sharad Arora, Founder and Managing Director, Sensorise Digital Services Pvt. Ltd 00:20
Panel Discussion: Hardware readiness for 5G – breakthroughs needed Moderator- Mr Satish Jamadagni, Reliance JIO;

Mr Nikolay Guenov, NXP Semiconductors;

Mr Akshay Agarwal, MediaTek;

Mr Anindya Saha, Saankhya Labs


TEA BREAK 15:45-16:15


Session 1D: 5G Product and Device Ecosystem Readiness

Session 1D


Expert Talk 1D1: Roadmap from 5G introduction to completing full 5G vision – Industry, Spectrum, Standard Mr Ulrich Dropmann, NOKIA 00:20
Panel Discussion: Learnings from 5G Deployment (including Massive MIMO) Moderator- Mr Satish Jamadagni, Reliance JIO;

Panelists- Dr Klutto Milleth, CEWiT;

Mr Ulrich Dropmann, NOKIA;

Prof Kiran Kuchi, IIT Hyderabad;

Mr Ramu T Srinivasiah, Lekha Wireless Solutions



Conference Theme: Standards for Development and Bridging the Digital Divide

DAY 2 (16 October 2019) Venue: Hall-3, IMC 2019

Theme 2: Open Initiatives (Open Standards, Open Platforms, Open Source)

Opening Session


Special Address Mr Ayush Sharma, Sterlite Technologies 00:20

Session 2A: Open Ecosystem for 5G

Session 2A


Keynote Mr David Hutton, Chief Engineer for Telecom Infrastructure Projects 00:25
Expert Talk 2A1: Value of Open Source – FiWARE as an example Mr Ulrich Ahle, Chief Executive Officer, FIWARE Foundation 00:25
Expert Talk 2A2: Open Ecosystem for 5G -focus on ORAN Satish Jamadagni  (Member ORAN Standards Committee) 00:25

TEA BREAK 11:35 to 12:00

Session 2B: Open Source

Session 2B


Expert Talk 2B1: Open Source Networking Prof. Inder S Gopal, IISc Bangalore 00:25
Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities in Open Source Networking and 5G Moderator: Prof Inder S Gopal;

Mr Manish Gangey, AIRTEL;

Mr Abhijit Chaudhary, Niral Networks Pvt Ltd;

Ms Harpreet Kaur, Hughes Systique Corporation


LUNCH BREAK 13:10 to 14:10


Theme 3: Emerging 5G Ecosystem in India

Session 3A: Certification Ecosystem for 5G

Session 3A


Expert Talk #3A1: Certification Ecosystem for 5G and beyond Mr Lars Neilsen, Global Certification Forum (GCF) 00:20
                                                       Session 3B: 5G Initiatives in India
Session 3B


Keynote: Frugal 5G and associated IEEE standards Prof. Abhay Karandikar, Director IIT Kanpur 00:30
Expert Talk 3B1: ITU and APT Roadmap Mr Bharat Bhatia, ITU APT Foundation of India 00:25
Expert Talk 3B2: LMLC – the Next Steps Dr. Radha Krishna Ganti, IITM 00:25
TEA BREAK 15:50 to 16:20
                                            Session 3C: 5G Standards Initiatives Continued
16:20-18:00 Expert Talk #3C1: Importance of ICN in 5G era Dr Samar Shailendra, TCS Research & Innovation 00:20
Expert Talk #2E2: Overview of ETSI Initiatives on 5G and beyond with focus on Multi Access Edge Computing Mr Dinesh Chand Sharma, SESEI 00:25
Panel Discussion: “Application Segments for 5G in India – Opportunities, Requirements and Challenges” Moderator-Prof. Narendra Ahuja, ITRA;

Panelists- Mr Sushil Kumar – DDG-TEC, DoT;

Mr A K Mishra, National Smart Grid Mission (NSGM);

Mr Lalit Mohan, IDRBT;

Mr Vipul Singh, Aarav Unmanned Systems Pvt Ltd. (AUS)




October 15, 2019 @ 9:30 am
October 16, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
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