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Telecommunication Standards Development Society India SG – Services & Solutions e-TP#27

September 19 - September 20

Draft Agenda


All the documents to be presented in this meeting are uploaded here

Day 1

Date Timings Agenda
DAY #1: 19th Sep 2023

























1000 to 1130


A.     Opening Plenary Session [Chair SGSS]

1.        Welcome & Approval of agenda and previous TP minutes

a)      Readout TSDSI IPR Policy

b)      Read out of Anti-Trust policy of TSDSI

c)      Read out of Software Copyrights Policy of TSDSI

d)      Approval of MoM of 7th – 8th June 2023 SGSS TP#26

e)      Review & Finalization of Agenda with Agenda Approval

2.        Updates on the elections– SGSS Secretariat

3.        Items for early consideration

4.        Summary of Email Discussions from June 2023 TP#26

5.        Updates on contributions from India towards 3GPP SAx– Chair SGSS

6.        NIP handling

a)      New NIP323 – Research directions and Collaboration on Intelligent Transport Systems Communication Standards [IIT Mandi]

b)      New NIP321 – Study on Security Enablers for 6G [Nokia]

c)      New NIP324 – Enablement of common payload for Agricultural Automation Solutions [CDAC]

d)      New NIP325 – Study on semi-autonomous collaborative telerobotics [TCS]

e)      New NIP326 – Introducing a new use case for collaborative housekeeping/ re-arranging robots in TR 22.916 [TCS]

f)       New NIP327 – Project to Automate Farming and connect the farmers with the Government Authorities [INVAS]

g)      Revised NIP317 5G and Beyond Network Security Architecture to support Multilevel End-to-End User Plane Security [CDAC]

h)      New NIP328 – Implementation, Design, Governance & Templatization for RBSA – Frameworks, Standards, APIs (Rural Broadband Services and Architecture)

i)        New NIP- Transposition of ETSI – IoT and NFV Standard documents as TSDSI Standards


1.        Liaisons (Review Liaisons and Identify Actions)

a)      Incoming LS – No Submission

b)      Outgoing LS – Update on Outgoing LS [Mr. Rajesh Kapoor]

1130 to 1145 Tea Break
1145 to 1300  

2.        TRIP Forum Updates

a)      TRIP Forum for IoT/M2M

b)      TRIP Forum for Quantum Communication


3.        Working Group 1: Security [WG1 chair]

a)      WG1 Report [Chair/Vice chair]

b)      SI 75- IoT Identifier [Sensorise]

c)      SI 103 – Proposed on security aspect of AI/ML model transfer in 5GS (NIP 303) [IIT Bhilai]

d)      SWIC862– SI104 – Enhancement of the security and privacy of the user subscription identity in 5G AKA (3GPP 33.501, WG SA3) (NIP 306) – IIT Bhilai

e)      SWIC863– SI105 – A location privacy-preserving scheme to mitigate the authentication relay attack under False Base Station in 5G (NIP 307) – IIT Bhilai

1300 to 1400 Lunch Break:
1400 to 1600 4.        Working Group 2:  Applications Layer [WG2 chair]

a)      WG2 Report [Chair/Vice chair]

b)      SWIC867 (Nokia), SWIC869 (Wipro) – SI98 – Study on system requirements related to Metaverse use cases in mobile network [Nokia]

c)      SWIC868 – SI 87 – Communications Requirements and Recommendations for the Energy Sector [R Jio]

d)      SWIC872 – WI1-NIP279 – A local language repository as an enabler for financial workflows [IIT Madras/IDRBT]

e)      SWIC866 – SI-102 Enablement of common ontology for adaptive traffic control system and other Intelligent transportation system products. (NIP 299) – CDAC Trivandrum

f)       SWIC 865 – SI106 – Slice Identification in 5G RAN for End-to-End Secure Slice Service (NIP 315) – IIT Hyderabad

g)      WI-NIP310 – Integrated communication and sensing at the Application level – R Jio

End of Day 1



Day 2

Date Timings Agenda
DAY #2:

20th Sep, 2023

1000 to 1130 5.        TRIP Forums updates

a)      TRIP Forum for Automated Electric Road Transportation

6.        ITU Testing Laboratories Database SG11 – Presentation [Mr Vishnu]

1130 to 1145 Tea Break
1145 to 1300 7.        Working Group 3:  Services Architecture and Framework [WG3 Chair]

a)      WG3 Report [Chair/Vice chair]

b)      SWIC871– SI101 – Enablement of common edge connectivity for public utility purposes [IIT Delhi]

c)      SWIC870 (IIT Delhi), SWIC873 (Wipro) WI1-NIP282 – Architecture to support tactile applications with edge intelligence over 5GS [IIT Delhi]

d)      WI-NIP 309 – Stage III WI proposal for CIP (Cloud Interoperability & Portability) – RJio

e)      Common User Profile Format (NIP239 SI76) – IISc Bangalore

1300 to 1400 Lunch Break
1400 to 1600 8.        Overflow discussions – Technical topics postponed from previous sessions

9.        Presentation – Global SDO Updates

a)      3GPP, ITU-R (A.K. Mittal)

b)     oneM2M (Vijay Madan)

c)      ITU-T, WTSA (Vishnu Ram)


10.    Marcom Updates


11.    Action items from governing council [inputs/suggestion]


12.    Percentage Status and expected completion date of the ongoing SGSS items


13.    Any another item


B.      Closing Plenary [Chair SGSS]

End of Day 2 (Feedback)


Note1: The sequencing of the new proposals/contributions might change depending on the time taken by every item. Some of the items scheduled to be taken on Day 1 might move to Day 2

Members are requested to attend both days and keep themselves logged in the meeting.

Note2: More NIPs may be added in agenda before the meeting.


September 19
September 20