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SGSS Technical Plenary (December 21-22, 2021: Online)

December 21, 2021 @ 10:00 am - December 22, 2021 @ 4:00 pm

Day 1

Date Timings Track #1
DAY #1: 1000 onwards SGSS Session 1: 

1.  Welcome, Introductions and Approval of Agenda & Previous Minutes

1.1.  Readout TSDSI IPR Policy
1.2.  Approval of MoM of 7th – 8th September 2021 SGSS TP
1.3.  Review & Finalization of Agenda
1.4.  Percentage completion status of each active SGSS item. (Members to indicate the status of their active items during the meeting. Final status of all the items will be discussed by the end of the meeting.)

21st Dec, 2021
Tea Break:

1045 to 1100

Lunch Break:


1300 to 1400

2.  New Items proposals/Contributions

2.1.   SWIC 761 – Creation of Edge Intelligence standards for latency and privacy management

2.2   SWIC 760 – Service Delivery using 3GPP Broadcast for TV, Radio, IPTV and File-casting

2.3. SWIC 762 – Need of Post Quantum Cryptography in 5G Networks(study of existing security algorithms in 5G Networks and analysing Quantum Threats to Security Algorithms in 5G Networks) (SI 78)

2.4.  SWIC 764, 765 – PPDR (SI 86) (Study of technical aspects for deployment of a pan-India Broadband PPDR network based on PS-LTE and 5G technology)

2.5. Use cases for autonomous networks in banking vertical (IDRBT)

3.  List Liaison Statements 

4.  A.O.B items-

SGSS’s review of TTDD session insights to discover NIPs/SDO collaboration opportunities

1600 End of Day 1:

Day 2

Date Timings Track #1
DAY #2:

22nd Sep, 2021

1000 onwards









Tea Break:

1045 to 1100








Lunch Break:

1300 to 1400

5. SGSS Strategy Discussions
6. Roadmap Committee Briefing

7.  New Items proposals/Contributions (continued…)

7.1.  SWIC 763 – Rural Broadband Services & architecture (SI 85)(study of architecture & tech. choices in providing broadband to Gram Panchayats (GP) and Villages, apps & services to be deployed to increase utilization of underlying BharatNet and security implications)

7.2.   Common User Profile Format (SI 76) (a common user profile format to offer personalized service to people with different range of abilities)

7.3.   NIP 274 – Study UAV/Drone 3GPP-5G standards applicability to India use cases

7.4.  SWIC 767 – Cloud Interop. & Portability Standards (WI1-NIP197) (Phase 2 of TSDSI’s Cloud Interop. & Portability standards initiative)

7.5.  NIP 272 – Feasibility of Open-Source for 5G- Applications: RAN Intelligent Controller

7.6.    5Gi use cases and trials for automotive (Tata Motors)

7.7SWIC 768 – IoT Identifier IoT Identifier (SI 75) (SI analysing requirements for numbering, identification and addressing in the IoT ecosystem, comparing req. with capabilities of existing numbering mechanisms (E.164, ANSI, DOA, etc.), understanding evolving status of standards to recommend a way forward for globally unique identification of IoT devices and applications.)

8.  Way forward –

8.1.  SWIC 766 KYC norms for machine & custodian verification  77) (Trust framework for verification and transfer of custodian and machine relationship for the massive M2M domain)

8.2. User Device Data Protection (technical framework for transparency, choice, and control over sharing personal information at the source, i.e., between the user and the User Equipment (UE), for the burgeoning data economy)

8.3.   Indian Languages for Financial transaction and Application (a uniform & standardized environment for use of Indian Languages in financial applications offered by government and non-government that are consumed by a vast majority of Indian population) (SI 67)

9.  Liaison Statements

9.1.  Incoming

9.1.1. Development of a draft new Report ITU-R M.[IMT.INDUSTRY] – Applications of IMT for specific societal, industrial and enterprise usages.

9.1.2Working document toward a preliminary draft new Report ITU-R M.[IMT Media]

9.1.3. Invitation to update the information in the IMT2020 roadmap from Chairman JCA IMT 2020

10.  Presentation – Global SDO Updates

10.1.  3GPP, ITU-R

10.2.  oneM2M

10.3.  ITU-T, WTSA

11.  Timeslot for overflow from previous sessions (If required) 

12.  Any another item

1600 End of Day 2 (Feedback)



December 21, 2021 @ 10:00 am
December 22, 2021 @ 4:00 pm
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