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SGN Technical Plenary (May 24-25, 2021: Online)

May 24, 2021 @ 10:00 am - May 25, 2021 @ 4:00 pm


Date Timings Agenda Items
DAY #1:

24th May 2021

10:00 – 16:00


Tea Break: 10:45 am to

11:00 am



Lunch Break: 1:00 pm to 2:00pm

1.  Introduction, announcements and approval of Agenda & Previous Minutes:

1.1   Welcome, Introductions and Approval of Agenda

1.2   Read out the IPR policy of TSDSI

1.3   Approval of Minutes of the last SGN TP meeting#21 held on 30th and 31st March 2021.

2.  Summaries of Email Discussions from the March 2021 TP (All email threads after last TP):

2.1   (NIP 226/WI1-NIP 226) Extension of Broadcast offload (Saankhya Labs) [SWIC 723 on Key issues for NIP226(5G Extensions for Broadcast Offload)]

2.2   (NIP 248/ WI1-NIP 248) Standardization of a new generic and flexible Relay/IAB Architecture along with the associated protocols (IIT-B)

2.3   (NIP 257/SI 81)Virtualization for Open-Disaggregated RAN – for continuation of the Work Item Scope (Sooktha) [SWIC 722 on Open disaggregated RAN (New Contribution)]

2.4   (NIP 250/SI 82)Bandwidth aggregation for 5G TV Broadcast from the co- located UEs (IIT-KGP)

2.5   TSDSI 6G efforts; Input to the IMT 2030 documents (SGN Chair) [ SWIC 724 on Status Report – SI70 (New Contribution)]

2.6   Inputs to the IMT 2020 roadmap (Advisor-Networks) (Email Thread)

2.7   On the possibility of creating SGN releases (on the lines of 3GPP release cycles), a SGN process related discussion (SGN Chair) (will be taken up on Day 2)

3.  New Items proposals /Contributions as received.

3.1   SWIC 718 on TR update on enhancement of flexible UL/DL resource utilization (CEWIT) [NIP 223/ SI 63]

3.2   SWIC 719 on Dynamic Joint Deployment of SDN Controllers and Hypervisors for Softwarized 5G and Beyond (IIT-KGP) [NIP 251/SI 80]

3.3   NIP 263 on Open Radio initiative towards a Open, Disaggregated RAN (Sooktha)

End of Day 1


Date Timings Agenda Items
DAY #2:

25th May 2021

10:00 AM



Tea Break: 10:45 am to

11:00 am



Lunch Break: 1:00 pm to 2:00pm

New Items proposals /Contributions as received (Continued..)

3.4  SWIC 720 on Specification updates for 5Gi Rel. 16 (CEWIT) [WI 39.1]

3.5  SWIC 721 on Characterization of E-band Transmission in India (Astrome) [WI258.1]

3.6    NIP 264 on VLC/LIFi (IIIT-Delhi)

3.7   SWIP 725 on TR update: SI70 (Reliance Jio) [NIP 235/SI 70] (Already taken up on Day1)

3.8 SWIC726 on Draft TR UAV Asssited C-RAN for 5G and Beyond (IIT-KGP) [NIP253/83)

4. Liaison Statements

4.1  Carried Forward Liaison Statement:

Summary of Email discussion initiated after last SGN TP#21 on Liaison Statement from ITU-R on “Working Document towards a draft new Report ITU-R M.[IMT.C- V2X]

4.2   Incoming Liaison Statements:

4.2.1   Liaison Statement to request for input for a draft revision of Recommendation ITU M.1801-2 from ITU-R WP5A

4.2.2  Response received from TEC regarding information on FS and FSS link parameters

4.3 Outgoing Liaison Statement

LS regarding Technical Report on NB-IoT capabilities for Energy Metering sent to DOT, NSGM, CEA, TRAI, Ministry of Power

5.  Any Other Items:

5.1  Update of supporters information in NIP 226 (Received), NIP 253, (Not Received) NIP 250 (Received)

5.2  Global SDO update : ITU-R SG5 and 3GPP ongoing work

5.3  Discussion on Work Completion Status in respect of SIs and WIs.

End of Day 2 ( Requesting the participants to please fill the Feedback form :

SGN Feedback form)


May 24, 2021 @ 10:00 am
May 25, 2021 @ 4:00 pm
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