Upcoming Events

TSDSI Meetings Meetings of Global Forums Thought Leadership Outreach
January 2018
10th : Standardization Roadmap
Workshop#3 in Bangalore11th – 12th : TSDSI TP meeting in Bangalore
15th – 19th : oneM2M TP#33 & Joint workshop with ITU-T SG20 in Geneva

30th – 2nd (Feb.) : 3GPP SA3LI meeting in New Delhi

30th – 31st : m2mIoT India 2018 conference in New Delhi

16th: India EU PP Webinar on Security Testing (Tentative)

February 2018
 5th – 7th : ETSI TC LI meeting in New Delhi

31st – 7th : ITU-R WP5D Meeting #29 Korea

8th : LI/DR Security Workshop Industry Day by ETSI-TSDSI in New Delhi

21st : oneM2M SC40 Webconf. Meeting (Tentative)

12th : oneM2M Developers’ Tutorial IIT-Delhi in New Delhi

14th : oneM2M Developers’ Tutorial IIIT in Hyderabad

15th – 16th : oneM2M Developers’ Tutorial and Hackathon IISc in Bangalore

19th : oneM2M Developers’ Tutorial UIET in Chandigarh

March 2018
14th – 16th : TSDSI TP meeting, New Delhi 19th – 23rd : 3GPP RAN, CT, SA Plenaries Chennai

12th – 16th : oneM2M TP#34 in USA

7th – 9th : Convergence India 2018 in Delhi
April 2018
11th – 12th : 3GPP PCG/OP meeting in China

4th: oneM2M SC41 webconf. Meeting (Tentative)