SWIP/NIP Table view – Draft

New Item ProposalNameVersionStatusRevision History 
NIP 258Characterization of E-band for 4G/5G Backhaul & Rural BroadbandTSDSI-SGN-NIP258-V1.2.0-20210128AcceptedIt will create link after I reorganize files
NIP 257Virtualization for Open-Disaggregated RANTSDSI-SGN-NIP257-V1.0.0-20201204Accepted
NIP 256Study of technical aspects for deployment of a pan-India Broadband PPDR network based on PS-LTE and 5G technologyTSDSI-SGSS-NIP256-V2.0.0- 20201214Accepted
SWIPNameVersionStatusSI/WIRevision History
SWIP1Creation of framework document for CPRI-T fronthaulTSDSI-WI1-SWIP1-[SI1]-V1.0.0-20150609AcceptedSI1Links will be provided after I reorganize files/folders
SWIP5Waveform Design using Generalized Precoded OFDM (GPO)TSDSI-SI11-SWIP5-V1.0.0-20150814AcceptedSI11
SWIP6Stochastic models for macro cellular base station locations used for system evaluationTSDSI-SI11-SWIP6-V1.0.0-20150814AcceptedSI11
SWIP55SWIP for Section 4.1 of the “Gap Analysis for Centralized Management of Large Scale WLAN Networks” documentTSDSI-WI1-SWIP55-[SI6]-V1.0.0-20151201AcceptedWI6
SWIP53Analysis of solution frameworks in Band40-2.4GHz coexistenceTSDSI-WI1-SWIP53-[SI19]-V1.0.0-20151102AcceptedWI19