Terms of Reference – Past Study Groups

Terms of Reference Name Version Status
ToR SG1(Wireless) SG1(Wireless) TSDSI-SG01-1-[ToR]-V1.0.0-20150928 Approved
ToR SG1-WG1(RNES) SG1-WG1(RNES) TSDSI-SG01-1-[ToR]-V1.0.0-20150928 Approved
ToR SG1-WG2(CN) SG1-WG2(CN) TSDSI-SG01-1-[ToR]-V1.0.0-20150925 Approved
ToR SG3 (Transport) SG3 (Transport) TSDSI-SG03-1-V1.1.0-20151102 Approved
ToR SG5 – Energy Efficiency SG5 – Energy Efficiency None Approved
ToR SG4 (Security) SG4 (Security) None Approved
ToR SG2 SG2 TSDSI-SG02-1-V1.0.0-20161018 Approved
ToR SG1WG3 (5G) SG1WG3 (5G) TSDSI-SG1WG3–V1.0.0-20161018 Approved
ToR SG2-WG2 SG2-WG2 None Approved
ToR SG2-WG1 SG2-WG1 None Approved