Study item

SI27 SI 11 NIP73 Intelligent Transport Systems TSDSI-SG2-SI27-V1.0.0-20150918 Initiated
SI26 SI 2 NIP73 Smart Villages TSDSI-SG2-SI26-V1.0.0-20150918 Initiated
SI25 SI 10 NIP73 Smart Cities TSDSI-SG2-SI25-V1.0.0-20150918 Initiated
SI24 SI 9 NIP73 Remote asset management Vertical TSDSI-SG2-SI24-V1.0.0-20150918 Initiated
SI23 SI 8 NIP73 Utilities Vertical TSDSI-SG2-SI23-V1.0.0-20150918 Initiated
SI22 SI3 NIP73 Environment Monitoring and Pollution Control Vertical TSDSI-SG2-SI22-V1.0.0-20150918 Initiated
SI21 SI1 NIP73 Smart Governance TSDSI-SG2-SI21-V1.0.0-20150918 Initiated
SI20 Access using Licensed and Unlicensed Bands TSDSI-SG1-SI20-V1.0.0-20150814 Initiated
SI18 Massive MIMO TSDSI-SG1-SI18-V1.0.0-20150807 Initiated
SI16 Ultra Low-Cost LTE Networks TSDSI-SG1-SI16-V1.0.0-20150807 Initiated
SI15 Characterization of millimeter wave channels TSDSI-SG1-SI15-V1.0.0-20150807 Initiated
SI14 Millimeter wave system aspects TSDSI-SG1-SI14-V1.0.0-20150807 Initiated
SI12 Path Loss Modeling for Indian Terrain TSDSI-SG1-SI12-V1.0.0-20150807 Initiated
SI11 Waveform Engineering for cellular IoT Systems TSDSI-SG1-SI11-V1.0.0-20150807 Initiated
SI9 TV UHF Band Middle Mile Network TSDSI-SG1-SI9-V1.0.0-20150807 Initiated
SI8 LTE-WLAN Aggregation TSDSI-SG1-SI8-V1.0.0-20150807
SI7 Improving efficiency of system information transmission and acquisition TSDSI-SG1-SI7-V1.0.0-20150807 Initiated
SI5 D2D Communication: Study of Unicast, Relays and V2X TSDSI-SG1-SI5-V1.0.0-20150807 Initiated
SI4 LTE Band 40 and WiFi 2.4 GHz Co-existence TSDSI-SG1-SI4-V1.0.0-20150602 Suspended
SI3 Waveform Engineering TSDSI-SG1-SI3-V1.0.0-20150602 Suspended
SI2 FD MIMO and mmWave Communication TSDSI-SG1-SI2-V1.0.0-20150602 Suspended