Roadmap is an integral part of the Journey of an SDO. TSDSI Governing Council has approved a Roadmap for standards development till the year 2020 as recommended by the Roadmap Committee of TSDSI.

Roadmap has been created after a broad-based stakeholder consultation process. The Committee conducted workshops inviting members and external organisations to gather inputs on the need of standardisation in different areas. A large number of ideas were received. After detailed analysis of available standards or standards already under development and the time horizon and Members’ interest for delivering the standards/reports, 9 topics have been made part of the Roadmap.

It may be noted that the Roadmap covers vide range of topics like PPDR(Public Safety), Rural Broadband Architecture, VRAN using wireless backhaul, Unified Authentication Framework, Cloud Interoperability, etc to name a few. Some of these items have already been introduced in the Study groups for further work and others are expected to follow in due course.

Items covered in the Roadmap are in addition to the ongoing work in the Study Groups or any other item introduced  in the Study Groups for development of standards.

Roadmap is a dynamic document as the needs for standardisation in different areas will continue to emerge and TSDSI will remain responsive to India specific standardization needs.

Please find the Roadmap Flyer here for your reference.