New Item Proposals

NIP25 Path Loss Modeling for Indian Terrain TSDSI-SG1-NIP25-V1.0.0-20150619 Accepted
NIP22 Ultra Low-Cost LTE Networks TSDSI-SG1-NIP22-V1.0.0-20150619 Accepted
NIP14 LTE and WiFi Co-existence TSDSI-SG1-NIP14-V1.0.1-20150619 Accepted
NIP18 Dedicated Spectrum Allocation for various M2M Services TSDSI-SG2-NIP18-V1.0.1-20150609 Accepted
NIP17 Access using Licensed and Unlicensed Bands TSDSI-SG1-NIP17-V1.0.0-20150602 Accepted
NIP16 Cloud RAN (CRAN) TSDSI-SG1-NIP16-V1.0.0-20150602 Accepted
NIP15 Device-to-Device Communication: A step towards 5G TSDSI-SG1-NIP15-V1.0.0-20150602 Accepted
NIP13 Waveform Engineering for Rel-13 and later releases of cellular IoT Systems TSDSI-SG1-NIP13-V1.0.0-20150602 Accepted
NIP12 Study on FD MIMO and mmWave Communication for 4G and Beyond TSDSI-SG1-NIP12-V1.0.0-20150602 Accepted
NIP6 NIP for creation of new WG on Telecom Energy Efficiency Studies and Standardization under SG2 TSDSI-SG2-NIP6-V1.0.2-20150516 Accepted
NIP9 NIP for work item on Fronthaul through transport of CPRI signal from RRH to the C-RAN baseband TSDSI-SG3-NIP9-V1.0.0-20150512 Approved
NIP8 NIP for new Work Item on Fronthaul in E-band with CPRI interface for connected through a CPRI interface between radio unit and the baseband unit TSDSI-SG3-NIP8-V1.0.0-20150512 Approved
NIP7 NIP for New work item on E- band point to point MW TSDSI-SG3-NIP7-V1.0.0-20150512 Accepted
NIP4 TSDSI Technical Activities on 5GStandards Development TSDSI-SG0-NIP4-V1.0.1-20150319 Accepted in Principle
NIP3 Indian Languages related Standardization TSDSI-SG0-NIP3-V1.0.0-20150319 Approved
NIP2 Study Group for Core Network related aspects TSDSI-SG0-NIP2-V1.0.0-20150122 Accepted
NIP1 Study of transport issues specific to India TSDSI-SG0-NIP1-V1.0.0-20141219 Approved