New Item Proposals

NIP50 Embedded SIM usage and specification for M2M applications in India TSDSI-SG2-NIP50-V1.0.0-20150722 Accepted
NIP47 LTE-WLAN Aggregation TSDSI-SG1-NIP47-V1.0.0-20150722 Accepted
NIP45 Millimeter wave system aspects TSDSI-SG1-NIP45-V1.0.0-20150722 Accepted
NIP44 Massive MIMO TSDSI-SG1-NIP44-V1.0.0-20150722 Accepted
NIP43 Characterization of millimeter wave channels TSDSI-SG1-NIP43-V1.0.0-20150722 Accepted
NIP41 This NIP defines the scope of SG1 WG2 TSDSI-SG1-NIP41-V1.0.0-20150619 Accepted
NIP40 TSDSI SG3 Terms of Reference for discussion TSDSI-SG3-NIP40-V1.0.0-20150619 Approved
NIP38 Improving efficiency of system information transmission and acquisition TSDSI-SG1-NIP38-V1.0.0-20150619 Accepted
NIP34 Minimization of latency involved in establishing Relay enabled bearer establishment TSDSI-SG1-NIP34-V1.0.1-20150619 Accepted
NIP35 Conformance and interoperability at X2 interface TSDSI-SG1-NIP35-V1.0.0-20150619 Accepted
NIP33 Ultra Low-Cost LTE Networks TSDSI-SG1-NIP33-V1.0.0-20150619 Accepted
NIP32 Control and Management of Large Scale WLAN networks TSDSI-SG1-NIP32-V1.0.0-20150619 Accepted
NIP31 TV UHF Band Middle Mile Network TSDSI-SG1-NIP31-V1.0.0-20150619 Accepted
NIP30 Work Load Design for NFV performance evaluation TSDSI-SG1-NIP30-V1.0.0-20150619 Accepted
NIP28 Response to NIP: Device-to-Device Communication: A step towards 5G TSDSI-SG1-NIP28-V1.0.0-20150619 Accepted