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Workshop on Cloud Inter-operability

March 14, 2018


Interoperability in cloud computing, enhances the ability for two or more systems to exchange information amongst public cloud services, private cloud services and user organization’s systems to enable them to understand each other’s interfaces, configuration, forms of authentication and authorization etc., in order to cooperate and work with each other. This can be achieved through well documented API specifications or in a more generic sense, through Standards. Further, portability enables Cloud Service Consumers (CSC) to be able to Port their data and/or application securely from one cloud infrastructure to another at low cost and with minimal disruption. Interoperability and Portability support achieving of cost optimization and avoiding vendor lock-in, the related Standards for Interoperability and Portability among multiple clouds (public and private) also help in accelerating the growth of the overall cloud ecosystem.

TSDSI has been directed by DOT to develop Standards for Cloud Interoperability and portability in India based on TRAI recommendations on the subject and entrusting of TSDSI with task of working on such standards.

TSDSI kick-started work on development of cloud Interoperability and portability standards by conducting a structured discussion around the topic in its Standardization Roadmap Workshop in January 2018. Apart from member representatives, experts, from the field participated in the discussions and a concept note was generated. This was followed by new work item created in TSDSI study group with many organizations championing and supporting task of making the standards preceded by a structured study phase.

TSDSI is conducting a workshop on 14 March 14 2018, at Gurgaon, to seek inputs from Cloud Computing (CC) Subject Matter Experts for developing Interoperability and Portability Standards for the cloud in the Indian Context.

Objective of the workshop is to seek inputs on gaps in existing standards to address interoperability and portability in CC environments. Discussions will cover Implementation experience – from CSP and User perspectives, Overview of current standards and related activities, brainstorming to identify challenges and gaps  w.r.t existing standardization activities,  and discussions on way forward.  All this would immensely help TSDSI study group to create structured work items and also to involve the experts during the Journey of making standards on Interoperability and Portability in India

Experts and stakeholders form the cloud service providers, Government, user organizations, academia, international and national subject matter experts apart from TSDSI members are participating in the workshop.

TSDSI Workshop on Cloud Interoperability and Portability – March 14, 2018

Bharti Airtel Ltd.(India) Atlas Chowk,

Airtel Centre, Plot 16, Udyog Vihar Phase IV

 Gurgaon, Haryana, India


Registration: 10.00 to 10.30 Hrs

Technical Session 1: 10:30 to 11:30 Hrs

Welcome, Expectations, Background and Context Setting (15 minutes) – Mr. Satish Jamadagni(RIL & TSDSI), Vijay Madan(TSDSI) & Mr. Sumit Monga(Unlimit)

Key Note 1 (15 minutes) – Mr. Rajiv Sinha – DoT

Key Note 2 (15 minutes) – Ms. Uma Chauhan – MeitY (Confirmation awaited)

Key Note 3 (15 minutes) – Ms. Pamela Kumar – TSDSI

Networking Tea/Coffee Break: 15 mins

Technical Session 2: Implementations and User Experience 11:45 to 13:15 Hrs

Opening Remarks – Session Moderators – Prof. Dinkar & Mr. Udayan (CCICI)

Panel Discussion 1 – Cloud Service Provisioning and User Experience                                                                     

[ Mr. Satya Lokam(Microsoft), Mr. Sandeep Agarwal(TCS), Mr. Bhaskar Krishnaswamy(TCL), Mr. Sri Chandra(IEEE), Mr. Lalit Mohan(IDBRT) ] – 45 minutes

Panel Discussion 2 – Initiatives – Relating to Open Stack, Open group, Cloud Foundry; India Stack etc.

[ Mr. Satish Jamadagni(RIL), Mr. Suhas Shivanna(HP), Mr. Vijay Vujjini(iSPIRT), Prof. Dinkar Sitaram(PES), Mr. Sreekanth Iyer(IBM) ] – 30 minutes

Session Conclusion – 15 minutes

Lunch Break: 13:15 to 14:15 Hrs

Technical Session 3   Current Interoperability & Portability Standardization Activities: 14:15 to 15:45 Hrs

Session Moderator – Mr. Satish Jamadagni(RIL & TSDSI)

Presentation             IEEE perspective                  20 minutes       –       Dr. Munir Mohammed(IEEE)

Presentation              CCICI perspective                20 minutes       –       Prof. Dinkar Sitaram(CCICI)

Presentation             EU perspective                     20 minutes       –       Mr. Odysseas Pyrovolakis(DG Connect)

Panel Discussion – Challenges, Gaps and Road to Standardization

[ Mr. Sumit Monga(Unlimit), Mr. Krishna Kumar(Huawei), Mr. Kailash S(CDAC), Ms. Neeta Verma(NIC), Mr. Sairam Veerswamy(VMware), Mr. Umesh Bellur(IIT-B), Mr. S.Sridhar(TEC) ] –   30 minutes

Break 15 minutes

Technical Session 4 – Concluding Session and Next Steps              16.00 – 16.45

Summary of the Key discussions in the workshop by TSDSI Leadership and Prof. Dinkar(CCICI).

Venue: Bharti Airtel Ltd.(India), Gurgaon,

Bharti Airtel Ltd.(India) Atlas Chowk,

Airtel Centre, Plot No-16, Udyog Vihar Industrial Area Phase 4, Gurgaon – 122016


March 14, 2018