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Workshop on 5G Vision for INDIA

April 19, 2017


5G is rapidly gaining momentum globally and the first deployments are being planned for 2020. There are several related initiatives happening across India as well. This was discussed extensively during the recent GC/GBM meetings of TSDSI and then in several follow up meetings with key stakeholders and it was felt that it is important to bring all stakeholders and converge on a 5G vision for India. This should address both the USE in INDIA as well as the MAKE in INDIA aspects.

A workshop on “5G Vision for India” is being organised, along with DoT, on Apr 19, 2017 in New Delhi, with the following objectives:


Roll out the high level 5G vision for India;

Converge on Technology Development & Test bed Initiatives to support the vision;

Roll out Standardisation strategy for the vision;

Put in place a framework to translate the vision into a 5G roadmap for India.

Stakeholders from Key Ministries, Govt. Departments, Industry Forums and TSDSI members are expected to participate in the workshop.

Broad Agenda of the workshop is given below(Click here for the Detailed Program Schedule):

SESSION#1 – 5G Vision for India:

Objective of this session is to come out with an ~500 word statement specifying objectives, outcomes and key milestones. Key considerations should be:

USE in INDIA – highlighting India specific needs, especially how 5G will enable the Digital India, Smart Cities, Smart Village missions for India. It should also address the early deployment plans for 5G and key milestones.

MAKE in INDIA – This should address the readiness of India to drive innovation for, design, develop and manufacture 5G technology and   products. This should encompass the start-ups, manufacturers and research initiatives.


SESSION 2 – 5G Innovation Eco-System for India:

There are several efforts and proposals addressing different components of the 5G Ecosystem. This session aims at bringing together all the stakeholders for creating a converged strategy to ensure that all aspects covering end to end deployments are being addressed and the efforts are aligned with the 5G vision. This is extremely important to ensure a timely and effective roll out of 5G. The Strategy will cover architecture, key components, key stakeholders, financial and execution plans. Key considerations should be:

Innovations around New Radio (mm wave, massive MIMO etc), Narrow Band IoT, Cloud Computing & Big Data are at the core of  realising the 5G vision

It is important to provide a test bed where researchers (Academia and RnD labs) and Practitioners (Operators and Manufacturers) can  experiment with this technology.



It is imperative that we influence global standards to address requirements emanating from the “USE in India” needs. Also in order for us to “Make in India” for global markets we need to actively participate and contribute to global standards. The is session will address how we are gearing up to effectively participate and contribute to the Global Standardisation efforts and the role on TSDSI in this context.  This session will address the following key questions:

What do we need to do to influence GLOBAL STANDARDISATION in 5G to achieve the 5G VISION

What is happening Globally? (ITU, 3GPP etc.);

What are we doing today? What do we need to do differently?



1        Summary of Sessions 1,2 & 3;

2        Framework to translate Vision to Roadmap

Click here to view a draft summary of TSDSI member inputs on “5G Vision for India”.

Details of inputs received from individual TSDSI members can be viewed here.


TSDSI Members are invited to provide their inputs for the workshop agenda topics in the templates provided below:

Workshop Session #1

Workshop Session #2

Workshop Session #3

No. of participants for the workshop is limited. TSDSI members are invited to submit their nomination requests  by registering for this event on the TSDSI website before April 16, 2017. If the no. of nomination requests exceeds the no. of seats. priority will be given to those members who have provided contributions to the workshop sessions.


Venue: DoT Conference Room, 13th Floor, Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi,

DoT Conference Room, 13th Floor, Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi


April 19, 2017